Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #67
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

A HUGE upgrade to v3, spawns are better, arena is better, alot of things are better, Enjoy, you "cheaters".Also, there is an easter egg in the arena.

So this is CP Longhaul (still a working title) - a map that aims to be everything 2Fort isn't, this time by being an entirely different

gamemode. Take that 2Fort!
But through the shift the philosophy of the map remains fairly consistant - where 2Fort is small, mostly cramped and with many, many chokepoints to get through Longhaul is a large, open map with many different routes to any given point in order to prevent a turtlefest.

Version alpha2 of n30n's map.

Alpha10 of copperhead.

The spiritual successor of Observatory, this map is a mix of both Gravel Pit and Steel's gameplay. To win, CP C must be captured before the time limit runs out.
To unlock C, only one of A or B needs to be captured. Points A and B have different effects on C once captured. However, capturing either of them will make the other more difficult to capture!
Rewarding both a tactful offense and a reactive defense, no two rounds will feel the same!

- Raised the floor of the lower ground @ yard & under the hole, making the height advantage of defenders as well as the fall damage less severe.
- Reworked the flow around last, including moving the bridge to empty directly onto the CP, and streamlining the main path + improving the angles to favor attackers in that area.
- Angled the front portion of the roof @ last, plus added a new tower to that building to break up sightlines on the ramp path to the CP.
- Changed the initial spawn rooms to be located upstairs in the rear of the warehouse, with doors left & right.
- Increased the thickness of ceiling @ 2nd/4th in order to decrease the perceived size of the area.
- Raise the light levels @ 2nd/4th.
- Moved the sheet metal @ 2nd/4th to cover the sightline from tunnel to the other side of the CP, effectively making that approach a flank

for the defense, decreasing spam, & adding cover on the CP.
- Additional detail everywhere, including an example of the above-cliff detailing @ last.

Gravilpit style cp map.

RED and BLU are fighting over a small train depot the only way they know how: by completely destroying their enemy's assets.
There is a flag located in the center of the map. Picking it up starts a 45 second timer. Regardless of whether you live or die, drop it or don't, are on a point or not, the flag will explode after 45 seconds. Bring the flag to a point and hold it until the timer runs out to capture it. Capture all enemy points to win!
Points cannot be recaptured after destroyed.

Author: FataLOneDay

Red and Blue fight for control of a container ship that is passing through the canal.
With numerous routes over, on, and under the ship, there's plenty of opportunity to surprise the enemy team and take the control point.

Spooky place for a fight, eh?
Well this is a foggy KOTH map with a river running between a church and a pumpkin farm/field.

Cordillera is a custom map featuring a new gametype. The gametype draws inspiration from the UT2004 gamemmode "Double Domination". Basically, 2 point KoTH. However, you only need to hold them for 2 minutes.

Small King of the Hill map should support 16 - 24 players, combining Egypt and Swamp themes for a Maya theme. Working on some custom textures and models.

A edit of Vapour-shark old CTF Warehouse map.

Watermill (name subject to change, or not). A somewhat small king of the hill map set in a woodsy valley (sawmill-esque, without the depressing rain and with some custom elements thrown in). At least, if you have some imagination, because for now it's more like a barren devtextureland.

This map, set in a snowy environment, is a goldrush-style payload map (Three stages, 2 Control Points per stage, ...)

pl_downpour_pass a7
Flood watchers from all over would come to gaze at the gushing waters of the aptly named Downpour Pass; a BLU owed national park
situated along side a canyon was famous for its annual flooding...

Waste is a new gametype in which the payload can be pushed by either team. It plays similarly to other 5-point Control Point maps, such as Well, except that it places a stronger emphasis on teamwork to push the cart and coordination to flank the enemy. These alternate routes, although longer, usually provide health and ammo pickups not normally present on the main payload track.

Final version

Beta 3 of strangemodule's map.
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