Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Map Pack
This package is a collection of ten maps for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.

Included Maps:

2-Player Maps:

Armageddon Doctrine (1.00)
Alright, so here we have a representation of a small German province in the mountains. The central feature of this map is the large munitions factory, which contains a large building (or, rather, set of buildings), huge freight yard, and V2 facility. There is a bottleneck pass through the mountains which is necessary to reach the other side. The mountains are designed specifically to block artillery, although I say that that rather detracts from it a little. I like fighting with artillery, and then digging in on my side of the mountain.

Desert Airfield (v1)
$ TEXAS $ has submitted his newest work of art to quench your thirst for quality Company of Heroes gaming fun! He is here to supply you with not one...but two maps in a single download!

Battle for Moscow (1.00)
A cool map set in Moscow in 1941, just after Operation Barbarossa. It's not often we see snow maps around here, so it's good to have a change of pace. In any case, this map looks very good, and captures the ambience of a ruined city well.

Mario Brothers Tribute
Hmm... Blocky graphics, cheesy music, Italian plumbers... Tiger tanks? Looks to me like something's gone wrong here. Either that, or the whole of WW2 has been sucked into the world of Super Mario. This is a simple 2P map, intended to have a little fun. There really isn't much more to say, so download it and see!

Bunker Fight Valley
Here we have a small 1v1 map, set in a river valley. As the name clearly states, this map is all about fortifying yourself and waiting for the enemy's onslaught, then kicking him so hard he goes home with his tail between his legs.My kind of fun. Let's get to it!

4-Player Maps

St. Lambert-sur-Dives
This is a 2v2 map, which comes complete with lots of fields, hedgerows, small farms, and a town. St. Lambert-sur-Dives is divided by a river, and most of the river is crossable, though, to prevent the map from becoming campy. The two bridges over the river are of extreme strategic value as seizing both bridges will completely cut the enemy off from any resources they have captured on the opposite side of the river.

Canal Clog
From the look of this quiet serene town, with the rolling hills and tidy houses, you would never guess that an ongoing war is about to drop on their doorsteps...
Cutting this map from corner to corner diagonally, reveals a mirror image, how even is that?!

Morgentau (1.0)
This map is a highly detailed, well made, and brilliant looking map, focused on more open field then close quarter town. There is a lot to this map, from capturable Pak's right through to Mortar and HMG strong holds to capture for both sides; its a well balanced map favoring neither teams, which ensures a long and close victory match.

The Axis have the bulk of the pressure in this map, as they are charged with stopping the Allies so that they can partake in some demolitions. The Allies are located at Wassenberg, which is a town in the district Heinsberg, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is situated near the border with the Netherlands, on the river Rur; It is at this river, and the bridges that span it, where the Axis are prepared to set their charge.

Battle for Moscow 2v2
Alright, so this is a 2v2 remix of the Battle for Moscow map by vethoix.
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