Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #8
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:

Snipe Village
Another sniper map from CHK. Supports (Team) Deathmatch and Headquarters. It looks nice and fun. Give it a shot.

Dust (V2)
Here's a cool new map remake of a Counter-Strike Source by Drakonin, which was done entirely by sight (that is, there was no physical converting). This fact is pretty amazing if you check out the accuracy of this desert-themed conversion; it's nicely done and works well in CoD2!

Pac Man Fever (1.0)
Here's a crazy new multi-player map for Call of Duty 2 by Andreas Plesnik featuring -- yes, you guessed it -- the classic Pacman atmosphere.

{PST} Victory
Here's a creative new snipers-only map by {PST}RePhLeX, which he says was inspired by an "old soccer film" called Escape to Victory (or just Victory in the United States).

The Line of Fire
This one features some intense Russian-on-German action with compatibility in three solid gametypes: DM, TDM, and HQ. It's made for small-to-medium servers and would play great in a LAN or even just with a few of your buddies.

Chateau (1.0)
Here's an excellent CoD2 recreation of the classic Chateau map by a new developer known as R/|wEEE.

Dead End
A small high speed map ready for an action packed game. Using the Trench Gun only will bring out the Kill 'em All brutality that everyone is looking for.

Newvillers (Beta 3.0)
Here's a nice new take on the Newvillers map by Paulo88, made from the map source Infinity Ward packed with the CoD2 Tools.

BPU Facility (Beta 1)
BPU Facility, features a collection of trenches, trees, and hedgerows that provide for both close-quarters and long-range action in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.

Hold The Line (V2)
Here we have an awesome new CoD2 map by zEaL|Simon, which represents an all-out Russian vs. German battle. It features the two teams pitted against one another, each with its own 'base,' and plenty of area in between for intense toe-to-toe action. The map is medium in size and compatible in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, so why not play it with your LAN buddies?

RNR Warehouse (beta 2.0)
This open-ended winter map is available in all the gametypes except Headquarters and features some interesting things that should certainly catch your eye.

Pavlov VC2
This CoD2 map can hardly be called a remake of the old Pavlov, but it obviously shares some similarities despite its entirely new summer theme. In addition to this change, the map now plays with the British instead of the Russians, so there's something new as well!

Blues (V2)
A map that features a much more expansive layout than his self-named creation and is centered around a large overpass, which divides the playing field between the two teams.

Brunville, France (v1.1)
Here's the second release of Stan Noordman's brilliant production of Brunville, France for Call of Duty 2.

GOB Scopeshot (v2)
Here's the second version of JackC's sniper map called "GOB Scopeshot." This version addresses some pretty serious bugs in the original where players could get out of the intended play area, so update your servers now with this one to keep any smacktards from ruining your game!

Anemaber Albar (1.3)
Here's an amazing new North African themed map by two developers working together, Rabbit and Peri. This map, known as Anemaber Albar, features a large town setting surrounded by cliffs with an emphasis on close-to-medium-range battle.

Hel (v1)
Custom Mp map for Cod2 loosly based on a german airbase on the Hel Penninsula. Supports DM TDM SD and CTF Gametypes.

Chameleon (Final, Fixed)
The final version of ZeDrOn's CoD2 map Chameleon. It's got a very creepy feel to it and lots of cleverly placed corners to keep you on your toes.

Survival (v2)
Here's the latest and greatest version of Mycrospyder's sweet arena-style, LAN-friendly "Survival" map. Now in version 2, this map features a brand new underground portion, compatibility with Capture the Flag, added terrain objects, and much more!

The Moon (1.0)
Here is a pretty creative map from =*=L&D=*=TGrl.NeGr. You become an "astronaut" on the moon, and fight along with your fellow teammates to take over the moon in DM, TDM, or CTF.
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