Left 4 Dead Mods Pack #2

Left4Dead-ModPack2.zip (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty modifications and scripts for Left 4 Dead.

Included Mods:

Old Skool Mod
There's 2 of these. The first one have slow zombies, only headshots can kill them. There are still special infected and tanks but tanks are modified. The tank in the first one runs hella fast, but have 2000 hp. The 2nd one has normal speed zombies with more hp. The tank for that one has around 20,000 hp but moves super slow.

Topa makes the game 100% more realistic by editing 70% of the games gameplay files Npc's,AI,weapons,lighting have all been edited and i could make a HUGE list saying about all the changes but that would take me years!

Stalker mod
-No common infected
-No survivor bots
-No specials infected, apart from the 'STALKERS'
-3 types of 'STALKER' : Male Stalker, Female Stalker and the elusive Daddy Stalker
...many more

IM A LEGEND MOD V3.2 (ULTIMO) + Custom Weapons

28 Days Left v1.0
This script provides 28 Day/Weeks Later style zombies.
Zombies are fast, aggressive, and a fair bit tougher especially in mobs (these are as close to the film version as possible without heavy

file modification).
Only 1 incapaciation is allowed.
Friendly fire is more dangerous.
Guns have a bit of a kick to them.

Custom Weapons - bug fix!
Makes all but shotguns a bit less accurate
Turns the hunting rifle into a sniper rifle. Can 3 shot a witch on Expert.
Reduces ammo for shotguns to my liking :)
Rifles and SMGs have realistic ammo
Fiddled with ammo types
Pistol can now blow limbs off, I think.. its the first version of these scripts.
Pump has only 4 Shots, but each shot has 5 more pellets in them.

Smart Zombies
There are oodles of zombies to kill that will detect your presence much quicker. Mobs are overwhelming. They attack more frequently. If you're using the weapon scripts that came with this autoexec.cfg then zombies will be easier to kill; shoot them in the head!

s1nk0's Thirdperson Mod
Third person mod for L4D, It includes a new hud, firstperson zoom, and an accurate mode. This works both online and off, but your hud will be only the default online.

Super Tank Script
This is a script I decided to make, it will make the tank stronger and slower but if he hits you, you Will fly!
All other zombies and special infected so get ready to have some fun!

Create Minigun Script (
Players with this mod will be able to create a minigun in just a few clicks.

Portable Minigun Mod v0.0.2
A portable minigun mod that replaces the M16 with a minigun. It doesn't work exactly like the minigun in game but it's still awesome. See if you can control this beast!

TGT's Weapon Script
Author decided to make more relistic guns so i changed the ammo, damage, spread, and kick back.

Only 1 Left - Version 1.5
- Zoey, Bill, Louis and Francis now have special abilities.
- Survivors now differ in 3 new aspects: awareness, determination, and focus.
- Tank behaviour has been modified. More life, but less speed.
- Witch behaviour has been modified. Reacts to player much faster.
- A glitch with the aim scope has been fixed.
- Fixed some mistakes in the documentation.
- The sniper rifle is actually useful now.
- New 'Fight 2 Survive' mode (Zoey only, BETA)

Dawn of the Dead Style Zombies 1.1
This is one kinda mod that makes the game very similar to the movie Dawn of the Dead. The zombies will, like the movie, move very fast, need a headshot to be killed, and, can be pretty overwhelming very often. The only problem, is that CHEATS MUST BE ON. One things for sure though is that this mod will require much teamwork, and all the help you can get.Chances are this will probably make the custom campaign mod, Dead Before Dawn, DBD, much closer to the movie and, make it somewhat like the movie.

Zombie Realism 2.2
This is the one kinda mod just about every zombie lover would probably love to play. Like the title says this makes the game as real as possible, changing things like, zombies being slower, to needing a headshot, to becoming nearly incapped when shot. It'll also make your L4D gaming fun even better, and more challenging...

Super mega mob mod ver2
Version 2 of this mod now gives you a free hunting rifle and removes most ALL of your teammates meanong everything becomes that much more harder.

Suprime Barricade Mod
New barricade builder mod, 21 menu's, 169 objects, very cute one all in 2 file's.

Aiden Warren's Versus Balancer
"I have been researching this for some time and come up with these few reasons on Versus and the A.I., making me decide to make some configs to make both teams well-balanced. I have been googling on...."

Horror Gore
Use headshot for survival, new weapons, new zombies, new zoey...

A mod with an aim to provide realism, and a sense of horror, which forces you to be very careful, and choose your battles wisely.
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