Far Cry 2 Map Pack #12

To install the maps put the .fc2map file into this folder.
C:\Documents and settings\My Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps
C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps

Included Maps:

Forest Fort (v1.0)
Forest Fort (v1.0) was initially meant to be a test map, and it was made in a relatively short period of time, but don't let that sway your decision on downloading and enjoying this file.

Spud Jungle (v1.0)
Spud Jungle v1.0 is a smaller version of a work in progress so downloading this map and giving it a try will prepare you for the next version that is released.

Diamond Hunters (v.1.1)
Diamond Hunters v.1.1 is a medium sized map with the potential for some large action which will accomodate Team Deathmatch and Capture the Diamond game modes.

Swamp Forts
This Far Cry 2 map takes place in a swamp with 2 forts on both sides. It is compatible with all gamemodes but works best on team deathmatch. There are many secret areas so exploring is a good tactic.

Bumbalo (Final)
Bumbalo places you in a small African village where the mandatory gear, aside from a trustworthy weapon and some ammo, is a willingness to Rumble!

The Great Divide
A jungle themed map with a medium to fast pace. There are two bases (APR and UFLL) on each side of a narrow river with three different ways across the river (not counting swimming) 2 low and 1 high. Compatible with dm, team deathmatch, and capture the dia.

Badlands brings you everything you would imagine the 'badlands' would be like, (unless of course, you are a Trek fan) this is a challenging and unforgiving mixture of open Savannah with some rivers winding through it.

82nds Shipment (Final)
82nds Shipment has more objects to hide in and a new Far Cry 2 look.

82nds American West (final)
82nds has brought a new theater of war to Farcry. America! fight in the open American wild west. Its up to you to become an outlaw or bounty hunter in the wild west.

Diamond1 v0.9 is a Capture the Diamond style map.

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