WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #11

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:


Hanger complex
It is designed for fixed position teamplay (3v3) with each player gaining the ability to defend the entrance to their base with a huge number of turrets, making the orbital strike far less devastating. Hopefully this will promote teamplay more as it will need a concentrated effort from all three players on one team to break the defences. It is almost possible to have a continuous line of turrets from one side of the map to the other!

Fort Asperitas
The orks have ravaged these lands, they have killed all in there path, only Fort Asperitas stands in their way before the city of Kasava in which they seek. Victory must be achieved or the city and its people will perish.

Map, 3 players each side of the map, along with three critical locations through the middle of the map, the stratiegic points have been specially placed and tested to ensure, a little more defence for the computers and there are relics in each players base, to MAXIMISE the amount of damage, when you get key heros, like squiggy and avitar and all them giant dudes.

Carnage Plaza (1.0)
Little remains of this economic center but battle-scarred trenches and the ash of a thousand wars. The center's former lanes now serve as trenches for soldiers fighting their way across the barbwire high ground. Will you marshal your army toward the
buried relic, or risk exposure along the treacherous roads?

Temple Of Khorne
It's laid out roughly the same as temple of change and it's quite large and fun to play. The sky is quite chaos themed and the sunlight is light yellow with ther shadows dark red.

Killing Manjaro
You've a mountain to climb soldier so best take your jump pack. Your base camp at the foot of mount Killingmanjaro is in a wooded area.

Great Divide (Final)
Changes from previous version:
- added cover & terrain
- changed terrain so player 2 has same access to strategic point how player 4 on other side
- textured ALL visible terrain
- got this f***ing minimap working (by combining 3 versions)

The is essentially the same map as Seldon's earlier release, Frigidia, however, that mmap had an issue with pink question marks. Beacause of this, Seldon remade it and released this version.

Archon Iv Holy Fire
Contact with the holy city of Archon IV has been lost. The Imperial Guard garrisons last order was to secure and hold the cathedral 'Semper Fidelis' until reinforcements arrive. Long-range surveillance indicates that they have failed. Can your take AND hold the Semper Fidelis. - Alea iacta est -

Armageddon Highway (1.1)
The invasion of Armageddon prime was a vast and multi-pronged assault. The route through the deadzone to the Bisanti Hivespires was a barren road deviod of all cover. Could the Imperium with its mighty armies hold off the alien threat?


The Hunters
Multiplayer Map "The Hunters" from StarCraft ReMaked for WH40k, 8 players.

Arx Mercatus
Arx Mercatus was once one of the major strongholds along a very rich Imperial trade route. The Imperial armies ruled it for centuries. The Emperor valued its use and saw that Arx Mercatus was watched over by the soldiers of the Adeptus Astartes, and led by a trusted commander, Librarian Hernnahan of the Dark Angels...

Defense of Mercia
On the planet of Aetherius,there is a great city named Mercia. The wall on the eastern edge of Mercia City borders a river which divides a small peninsula into two halves.

Somme III
Also work on all three games (DoW, WA & DC).

Bravery Gives Hope
After the Imperialists played WarCraft 2 for hours on end, they decided
to create a training ground modeled after the famous BGH maps. They figured the ground was best
suited for 4v4, 2v2v2v2, and FFA.

Old Good BattleField
WarHammer 40.000: Dawn of War - Map: Old Good BattleField (8)

Volcano Town
Volcano Town is an 8 player map designed for free for all, 4v4, 3v3, 2v2 and can also be played 1v1.

Imperial Splendor
Imperial Splendor is a 512x512, 8-player(4v4) map. It is an urban map that has mostly small paths and one major road/path through the center to allow vehicles to get through.

Dawn of Dunes (FINAL)
Dawn of Dunes 8 Players map by Kthelmir.

Violent Desire
Violent Desire is an 8 player map, set in the largest and most extravagant pleasure Palace to Slaneesh (the chaos god of pleasure) ever uncovered.
It once included a battlement promenade, sunken gardens, conservatory arboretums and numerous statues to the Demon Prince of Pleasure, but now all has fallen into ruin to be claimed by a new Owner.

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