Left 4 Dead Map Pack #7

How to Install Maps:

Installation paths may differ based on your system configuration.

Place the .bsp and .nav file in your Left 4 Dead maps folder.
This is normally - C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps\

Play the custom map or campaign.
Open console ~ and type "map map_name".

Included Maps:


Here the survivors are stuck in a rural forest, and their only way out is by railroad. Activate the radio to summon the train, and touch the train to win. Explore around the map to find some secret rooms!
Single map campaign, ignore the "unplayable" at the start because it works anyway.

Gather: Mercy Hospital
The way it works, you start in a non-linear part of a map. You have to run around and gather 4 supplies located around the map. Once you gather a supply you will receive a reward in the safe room. You can then gather the reward or continue to another supply, tho returning to the safe room would be safer. Once you gather all 4 supplies and are fully stocked your path is open to a panic/crescendo event then to a linear end.

Training Witch
Training to kill witch.What she so cool.

The Extinction campaign is loosely based on the Resident Evil Extinction movie with a small excerpt from Apocalypse.
Players start in a ruined city-scape and make their way into the desert with the Finale occurring in an underground facilty.
Many real time events and custom prefabs will thrill players throughout the campaign.

The complex
It's a short but fun campaign with a few suprises. Author made it mainly for good practise...

Survival Maps

The Maul
Survival in this run down, ugly mall is not going to be easy. Hold out in this makeshift Bingo Hall as long as you can. With low supplies, and hardly anywhere to hide, trigger the panic at the caller's stand (Orange Sparky Button), and wait for the end to arrive.

Two towers with a connecting bridge. First tower is aggressive, the bridge provides respite and the second tower is less aggressive than the first. The "safe box" provides greater respite (due to nav over the bridge).

In an enclosed area in the small town of Ravenholm the survivors battle to the death against an endless onslaught of infected. there is no way out.
This is a port from HL2DM to L4D of a map author made last year themed after and a homage to the "We Dont Go To Ravenholm" chapter in HL2.

Central Dark
Central Dark was created with choice in mind, most L4D Survival maps seem to force the player into one position, Central is different. Central offers several different places for players to garrison and defend against the Zombies, each offering their own advantages and disadvantages.

HellHouse v2
Can you survive against hell?
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