Doom 3 Map Pack #4
How to Install Maps:

Place the .pk4 to wherever your doom3/base folder is.
Load up the game and select the map from the multiplayer map list .

Included Maps:

de_dust2 (v1.0)
Simply the most played and the best multiplayer map in the world, de_dust2 from the game Counter Strike Source, built quickly for Doom 3.

Deathmatch map set in a UAC Prison. However, its not buisness as usual for this prison. With overturned tables, weapons galore, and everything in general chaos, this promises to be a fun filled frag fest.

MetalDeath (2.0)
A much better up date from 1.0. This update I made alot of changes such as bigger walk ways, and added a new place.

Skyglass (2.0)
A very small 2-4 player deathmatch map, which have only 2 textures a windows and a skybox.

This is a small deathmatch type map for up to 4 players (recommender). Map sketch was drawn by Rhys,original map idea - some old Doom2 map or something.

This is a quik deathmatch/arena map, author made to take a break from making a sp map.

Authors Second Doom 3 map for Death Match for junkies. Based off of the original and iceworld map for Counter-Strike.

Goldeneye Facility
Author rebuilt this map from the Original Facilitymap of the N64 Game Goldeneye.

Fish Barrel
Fun frag-fest from (you know where). Play online in Deathmatch, Team DM, Last Man Standing or Tourney modes. Lots of weapons. Enough power-ups to keep any frag-master at bay (that is if you get to them first)! Compact, close-quarters gameplay.

Deathchamber (2.0)
This is a very dark map. It is little so you don't have to search a long time to find an ennemy. This map can be fun when playing whit 4 players.

Diffraction is a UAC based setting deathmatch map. It is in the true style of DM due to the weapon spawn points being marked with yellow decals; this makes it easier to know where weapons are going to be, so you still have to remember the location but you know if there should be a weapon there or not.

Doom 2 Multiplayer Map One
older gamers will feel nostalgic if they ever played Doom II.

Deimos Base
it's a bit basic, and could do with some improvements...

Deep Sea Research
This is a quite large map taking place within an UAC facility settled undersea. While that aspect ain't that obvious, it turns out to be a good map especially from a gameplay perspective.

This is an average-sized map taking place in a stylish cathedral.

This is small map whose settings is probably a space station; it features a fairly large hallway connected to a few rooms.

If you like battling in large and straightforward battlegrounds, I guess you will enjoy this map. It takes place in a roomy temple which has somewhat the look of a castle; you also have access to an open area around it where you can appreciate unusual daylight.

Feierabend2 (1.0)
Supports Deathmatch , TDM and tournament.

Faciltiy (1.0)
This is a great mutliplayer map based off of the "Facility" map in Goldeneye. The lighting selection was good, and weapons were plenitful. Also, the map was asthetically pleasing.

Petrified forest (1.0)
suited to play with the Doom3 coop MOD "d3_demonwars" by Scared pixel studios.The hellspawns come in waves and the seem to keep getting more and more...

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