Call of Duty: World at War Mods Pack (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty modifications for Call of Duty: World at War.

Included Mods:

PeZBOT Multiplayer Bots 002p for World at War
Originally developed, and released, for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, PeZBOT is a port of a multiplayer bot-mod for Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty 2.

Zombie Full Auto Weapons mod
This mod is not made for realism, it is made for fun. It changes damage, fire rates, reload rates, clip/mag capacity's and other small tweaks.

United Nazi Zombie (1.1)
This is a little modification that lets you play multiple zombie maps in coop mode CoDWaW.

Clan quick mod kit
This is a kit that include a ready mod for CoD:WaW that includes a tool kit, tutorials and the mod itself so you can turn it into a high quality mod for you or your clan.

Monkey Bomb
This will add the Zombie Monkey Bomb to World at War MP Mods and Maps.

Ray Gun
This is a mod for mappers and modders to add the Zombie Ray Gun to WaW Multiplayer.

Competition Mod (1.4)
The mod itself gives you a huge amount of game fixes and tweaks that allow for the fairest of all play.

Spawning zombies
This will make u be able to spawn zombies thanks holy this is karma get use to it.

RGN Sound Patch Mod
Spoken quick messages for Call of Duty World at War.

Pistol Pack (1.0)
This pistol pack replaces the Nambu and Colt .45 with either a Thompson, a PPSH, an FG42, a Type 100, or an M1 Garand. You can choose which weapon to use in the mod.

C5 Mod v3 - Crash's Bolts Only Mod
A Bolts Only Mod for COD:W@W. Some of the features are built in rcon complete with PB kicks and bans,special FX, Modded Weapons, Turret Controls, Admin Tools, and much much more.........for a full list of details visit

With Women (Beta 0.1)
This mod should provide some giggles as you get banzai attacked by female characters.

Zombie Weapons Mod
This is a weapons mod for SP and Coop Patchv1.4 it changes fire rates clipmag sizes reserve ammo amount damage and other small things. It is a work in progress.

Bolt Rifles Only Mod (2.0)
This is version 2.0 of the Bolt Rifles Only Mod by Waffles fixing a huge number of bugs and adding some new interesting things

Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons Beta
This is the beta release version of the Nazi Zombie Modern Weapons Mod.

Wunderwaffe DG-2 Weapon WaW MP
This mod will add the Wunderwaffe Zombie Gun to your WaW mod or map.

Tank pack v1.3
Author ZeRoY. Tank pack for Call of Duty World at War Panzer IV, T34, so a total of 8 tanks! Also included is a test map mp_test_tanks Installation.

ger patch 1.0
Patch for CODWAW - Multiplayer Skins non-gore.

C5 Mod (1.0)
Heres a cool mod from NewfieCrash titled C5 Mod. Basically this is a combination of the Rifles Mod v2 OpenWarefare Mod and the CoD2 Rifles Mod for CoD4 but all ported to Call of Duty World At War.

Zombie Wars (V1.2)
This mod changes the CoDWaW Zombie Wars Colt into a flamethrower and the Kar98k into a ray gun, as well as adds a few new crazy skins.
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