Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts Map Pack #2
This package is a collection of ten maps for Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.

Included Maps:

6-player Maps:

Blazing Lowland (v1.0)
The focus was on making good infantry combats, but the result is that the tank combats are as fun too.
You will find all kinds of battlefields in the map, except city battles.
Forests, water, entrenchements and villages is where you will need to fight.

Bois Jacques FoxHole (V1 - FIX)
It's a 3v3 map set in a snowy forest somewhere in the Ardennes. Object placement looks good, but tanks might have some problems maneuvering through those trees. In fact, any sort of heavy weapons will be difficult to use within the forest, including infantry anti-tank weapons and AA guns. The projectiles will just go smashing into the trees.

Hezzys West Wall (2.3.1)
based on a real battle in ww2 that took a long time to breakthrough and many men died trying to emerge victorious. It was called the West Wall it was all very strong bunkers positions backed up by a supply veteran soldiers. This map has three good bottleneck, it has a river and 4 bridges plenty of trees and fortified in your own sectors slit trenches mg hunkers some tanks some men. The author explains it is "best to play as player one". This map can be quiet the challenge due to the bottle necks, and can produce some very hectic battles that rage across the map.

Reversed Defense | ScAR (Convoy Escort)
To understand the objective of Reversed Defense SGA, here is the background story: In a daring move German forces take back the defenses along the city border and cut the supply for allies to try and stop the allied invasion currently commencing in the city. The success of allied attack depends entirely on this German operation...

Rurfront 1944 (V2.0)
The map is based on the second Battle of the Ruhr, which was a battle of encirclement that took place in late March and early of April 1945, near WWII. For all intents and purpose, it was the final daggerin the Nazi Germany's war effort, as more that 300,000 troops were taken prisoner. This map features open fields for players to take battles on, and urban areas to stage forward bases or ambushes.

8-Player Maps

Map based on the battle in the Arden Forest, as the Germans try to break through the allied defences.
There is a bottleneck in the centre left of the map which is the only way through, because of this, this map makes for some intense action packed battles!

Operation Market Garden (v2 | Fix)
You cannot have a WWII based game, and have maps created for it without having a few based on one of the most famous actions of that World War, Operation Market Garden; For those of you that have been busy for the last...oh, sixty years or so, on 17 blabla September 1944, thousands of paratroopers descended from the sky by parachute or glider up to 150 km behind enemy lines. Their goal: to secure to bridges across the rivers in Holland so that the Allied army could advance rapidly northwards and turn right into the lowlands of Germany, hereby skirting around the Siegfried line, the German defence line. If all carried out as planned it should have ended the war by Christmas 1944.

Just Another Beach Map (1)
quite a large 8player map with the allies starting on a beach and the axis in a sort of fortress type area. There are lots of fields, hedges ad some forested areas along with a small town and some military bases as well as some other small hamlets. Players looking for good maps for infantry only mods should look no more as this map is not very vehicle friendly so infantry and guerrilla tactics are advised. The map is well constructed and designed. It is what you would typically look for in a beach map, but this one has more urban areas of which you can take expect more street to street fighting.

Scraping the Barrel (V1 - FIX)
This is two maps in one. One of the maps is fixed position and the other one is you can pick random sides.
It's a four VS four player map. Only in SGA-Version, It's only for COH OF and TOV.

The Mace (v2)
The Mace V2- This is version 2 of Clone_Commando's map The Mace based on a map in Call of Duty 3. The maps is a layerd hill with three defensive levels for the Allies to hold and of corse, as the Allies you decide the fate of the battle. Now there is a small town the Allies can defend as a first line of defence (also where the bunkers are). Tank traps with barbed wire make Axis players call the heavy units quick so be ready on defence. on the hill layer closest to the bases is are weapon support centers and baracks for all players and some gliders for players 1 and 3 to call in some commandos...
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