Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #4
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder

Included Maps:

Pirates of the Caribbean (1.0)
Guide the pirates who have betrayed Jack Sparrow to destroy Port Royal.

Mount & Lake
France has sent you to stop a deadly group of outlaws who have destroyed their ships and ransacked their ports. Your Mission is to steal their gold.

New England (hard)
The map still has ruff edges and the developer wil try to fix them the mean time his 6 month project New England with "paths" cutting through the forest and a deadly Native American allience withe a soon to arive france.
You should build a wall protecting your colony and if possible your allies. Since there are so many Native solders you should always be on guard.

Revolution : Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill
Pretty quick scenario but i think it is very fun alot of gun fights and some cins.
-Player must retake boston from the british
-Hold A fort while under heavy naval fire
-Climb Bunker Hill and take the hill,to force the british to retreat

New Sweden
In this exciting scenario, you are pitted against the mighty British in a border war set in Colonial New Jersey. Fight great battles and help New Sweden get rid of the impending British threat. Scenario includes 4 objectives to make sure your gaming expierience lasts as long as you want!

Port Royal (2.1)
August 1707, at the request of the Governor de Vaudreuil, Castin with 150 of his brave Defeat the British at PortRoyal.
Defend a large fort, Fort PortRoyal, for 30 min. Choreographed attacks make for new and different strategies. Also a chance to fight with Boneguard and fireships.

Northwest Passage
A small Spanish defence map with triggered shipments all listed in obj, largly based on wood rev. Check objectives for help.

Revolution Vally Forge Update
Updates Scenario and makes it a little harder and less confusing.

This is a history oriented scenario, taking place 1667 at Fort Pentagoet. This Trading Post saw much action through the years changing hands more often then not. Baron Saint Castin was born of an Albenki Princess and a fathered by a French noble who did train him rigorously. Use Castin's unique prospective, allied with the Albenki Confederation and ties to France to protect a resource laden region of Arcadia, for France.

Regicide Scenario
In this game, you must kill the other player's warrior priest before he kills yours.
You begin as Player 1, the blue team, whose warrior priest is behind your city surrounded by walls.
The enemies also begins the same, although he cannot move his outside his original place.

Random maps

This new defensive map represents the rugged canyon country of the American West, with teams separated by a deep canyon with only one crossing

Allied Tribes
New RMS with a unique focus on using Native American units. Uses unique new 'groupings' to foster new gameplay. See complete write-up!

Hawai Island
It is a very simple large map...with a Tropical rms style:
It has two trade routes running each side across the island....
plus 4 natives tribes...the Caribs...
and many Turkeys and Sheeps to hunt...
and a lot of Gold mines...
and also a lot of resources.

Fort Wars 3.2
A Blood Map based off Norse Wars from Age of Mythology.
This a MULTIPLAYER map designed for ESO! Computer players will not understand the new style of play! Do not attempt to play against computers and then complain!

Amazonia Fair Trade
This random map script is almost 100% identical to the original 'Amazonia' script by Ensemble Studios. It contains just a single additional statement to ensure trade routes are created on both sides of the river, a point players have repeatedly complained about.

Blue River
You arrived with some Swiss Pikemens and Landsknechts at a very beautiful River. You decided to settle down and to claim this land to be yours. Unfortunately some of your former comrades, who also deserted from the Army, built their Camp across the River and want you to leave immediately. Let the weapons speak.

Empire Wars version 1.6 and 1.0
You start of with an explorer, a town center and some defensive objects.
Build up your army to destroy the other players buildings.

Finger Lake-V
Finger Lake-V is a new random map for AOE3 (the original or 'Vanilla' version); it could be played in either the original or The War Chiefs, for Single-player or Multiplayer use. However, if you want to play The War Chiefs and be able to use additional variety in Native types, download the previously released version specifically for The War Chiefs. This is a new design, a rectangular map with players starting along the more distant ends of the longer dimension, which is 2x the shorter dimension (and size varies, like the standard ES maps, by player number). There is a long narrow lake, rich in salmon, runnng along the center of the long axis of the map, ending before the map edges. This map is significantly larger than the standard ES maps.

Cattle Barons (2.0)
Players start with a livestock pen and a herd of cows. Wide, open plains with six trade posts and one or two native villages, limited wood & coin, and high gathering rates for herdables make map extremely fast and aggressive.

Central America
Central America is a new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. The map starts opponents on opposite shores of the Central American isthmus, which you must cross to engage the enemy. The setup is a little like the old AOK map Scandinavia, except that the map is slightly rectangular, and a little like the ES Yucatan map, but larger with teams well separated...
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