Portal Map Pack

How to Install Maps:

Extract the zip contents to your "Steam\steamapps\USER\portalportal\maps" folder.
In Portal click on "Bonus Maps" and you should now have a new category called "maps/mapname".

Included Maps:

The map created by SneakySoft using Half-Life 2 Singleplayer Hammer.
This map is a bit different compared to the original portal maps. There are always help signs on the wall in the original maps, like
how to place the portals to come further in the map. Also you will find signs of where to find the cube. Another one is "the cake is a lie" not that THAT helps you... In this maps there are only arrows. They show you where you can go, but how to come there? Find out yourself... There is an exit sign because after play testing I found out that most people didn't knew where the exit was.

The 'mrcow' second Portal map and contains puzzels designed for weighted companion cube use. The Official Release of the Winning Map of the
November Mapping Contest at ThinkingWithPortals.com.
All Puzzles Work 100%

Basic layout, 3 main rooms with button activated locks. 1 button for first door 2 for second. You only get one cube for the entire map so use it wisely. Be prepared to do a little stunt-work to reach the areas you are headed.

This is just an extremely small, quick and very easy Portal map. If you know what you're doing, this can take less than 2 minutes to finish. The Author 'drdean!' only took two pictures of the starting area as he want to keep the rest secret for you to download.

The turret fight may be a little hard but it's possible! Don't give up!

This map is non-linear. It starts with one map then branches off into 4 possible map paths. There seems to be an issue with the AI disabling. This could be more my fault than anyone else's. The 4 side paths are not yet complete so they simply have teleporters that link to the final map.

This is a small map but it is connected already to the 2nd map in the series, this way when 'corexem' releases the 2nd map it will continue just like you were playing the real portal game.

Corex here with map 2 of the Aperture Beta Series.

You'll need to know a few tricks that arnt in original portal maps to beat this map.

outube video of me completing the map as proof. This map contains three rooms, when you complete the map the elevator will take you to the next map if you have it (pt_sss_chamber02) at this time this is the only chamber completed.

Author 'The Ugly War Chief'
Q: When i load the map everything comes out pink, what do i do?
A: Alt-tab out of the game and go back in, then the pink should be ok.

portal jordash
Presenting “Portal Jordash”, it’s roughly the same length as an original test chamber. I’d say it’s fairly difficult, but you guys can be the judge of that.

This is the first in a group of chambers created to test your mind and skill.

This is the second in the Remmiz Chamber series.

This is the third in the Remmiz Chamber series and has a Companion Cube orientation to it.

Please note, we have added a consequence for failure. Any contact with the chamber floor will result in an unsatisfactory mark on your official testing record, followed by death. Good luck.

Author '-think'.

This map rests on 3 ideas:
1 - It is impossible to truly fail. You can't die, and you can't get stuck. (I hope..).
2 - The player should be the one dictating the tempo. No waiting for slow balls, no travelling on slow platforms. No slow things at all.
3 - There is a healthy mix of thinking skills and portalling skills. Even after having played the map a hundred times or so, I still need to pay attention when playing the map.
=== Advanced Challenges: ===
The "intended" way of solving the map will get you silver for Time and Portals. I've tried to remove as many shortcuts as possible, but I fully expect someone to do something awesome and get the gold medal. I have no experience with the least steps challenges; just walking everywhere should get you silver. But again, I'm sure some people will find a way to solve the puzzle in 2 steps or something.

Author 'bluestrike'.

Exploring this map you'll find youself stuck in 4 different puzzles, and each one being almost completely unique of each other. One of these puzzles includes an experimental portal idea, the vertical maze. Click the buttons with the broken heart above it for a pretty nice surprise.
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