WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #12

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:

2-player maps:

Volistad Liberationn Day
This is a no holds barred 2vs2 urban map A real meat grinder so to speak.
The inspiration partially came from watching those old ww2 flicks and of course playing Final Liberation again.
This is for those people that want wall to wall action without fiddling with scrips and such. Note because of the design It is best recommended that the southern part team will always be orks.

Secure the Bridge
Forces have been split across both sides of the great River Marculis and the Bridge Adeptus Khar is the only remaining traversible bridge in the region. It must be secured!

Battle Of The Docks
Its a 1 v 1 skirmish map.Its designed to be close quarters with not much room between you and your enemy.

Battle Canyon
This is a close quaters 2 player map set out on a battle ground of craters and thundering artillary fire. 4 corners with a Strategic Point in each, and a central area of no mans land where armies can fight over the one relic and critical location. Use the cover wisely and take control of the SPs.

Chaotic City
This once imperial city has been turned into a deamon dewlling by The Black Crusaders now Deamon lairs sit on once holy grounds.

Dead Estuary
Dead Estuary is a medium sized 2 player map, with a play area measuring roughly 256*150. Features new algae decals and an unusual aesthetic.

Bay Of Figs (1.1)
This was designed for 1 v 1 games and is as balanced as possible there are 3 Critical Locations for take and hold, although the map is good for a quick fight.

Chaos Beach (Beta 1)
A world ravaged by war and destruction it has become a barren wasteland. Chaos forces seem drawn to it for some unknown reason leading other races to suspect an artifact of great power may be here. Battle in the narrow beachead to establish a landing zone for your forces.

Ayrom 4 Mines (2.0)
In the bleak Granilium Ranges on Ayrom IV workers on an imperial mine have uncovered an ancient device of unspeakable power. Capture the relic at all costs Nitty Gritty Everyone probably knows this by now but...

Relic Of Power
This tight 2p map will require different tactics than the usual build and zerg to win as vehicles will not be able to make it up and down to the center area through conventional means.

4-player maps:

Bloodbath is a 4 player map that is designed for either 2 on two (top versus bottom) or FFA.

Konigs Platz
A 4 player map based on another game called Red Orchestra, but looks nothing like it, (Turned out different) it has trenches, sandbag enplacements, and rain.

Unholy Meatgrinder
A 2 v 2 map. 2 players start behind several defencive layers of the city; The outer city walls, the intercity trench, and a single defensive wall. Both the attackers and the defenders are well off.

Mehnra Beach Head
Orbital support fire from vessels in the battle fleet around Mehnra have decimated the local defences in the drop zone. Push onwards to secure the high ground before the defenders rally their forces.

This place was home to the hellhole massacre. A force was dispatch to take and hold the cliff.

Intended for 2vs2 with take and hold on. It was made for the Cadian Inquistion mod.

The Stand I
THE STAND I A Warhammer 40 000 Dawn of War Multiplayer Map created by KaoT and Slobjok From the ingame screen Located in a valley surrounded by small rivers high mountains and a dark past this battlefield will prove its name in a bloody

Dune crossing
You and ur teamates start in either end of the map together. This map has an small island in the middle which therin lies a critical location, along with another two critycal locations be the side of the map in deep water.

Mines of Ashandtarr
Gametype: Take and Hold or Control Area are probably best, Anhilliate would also work.
Synopsis: Two sides clash at an industrial mining site in the mountians of Ashandtarr.

Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon is a 2vs2 coop team based map. It uses DOWengine to it's fullest extent, since it's an UP/DOWN map. Players will find themselves using the "alt" key to rotate the map quite often, especially since the battle arena is in a totally 3 dimensional environment.
The walls of the canyon are textures, taken from pictures of actual cliffside walls of the Grand Canyon hence the name of the map.

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