Left 4 Dead 2 Map Pack

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This package is a collection of ten maps for Left 4 Dead 2.

Included Maps:

Multiple Gametypes

The Great Escape
A map based on the film The Great Escape there are plenty of spots to your advantage use the tunnel to get to the mini gun to help you with your quest to freedom.

Dead on Time 2
Apparently, the military has setup an evacuation outpost at the train station... may as well head there.

Arena of the Dead 2
Escort your companions across town and over the roof tops to the Arena. Hold off the legions of zombies until the Rescue Chopper arrives.

Death Pit 2
Fight in the death pit using the all new L4D2 arsenal at your dispense! Chainsaw Included!
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How to play if it doesn't appear in Add-Ons. 1. Host any survival map. (Local Server) 2. Once loaded, type in ~console: changelevel l4d_sv_deathpit

No Mercy 2 v1.41
Do not use if you do not own l4d1. Author do not take credit for making this map, just for converting it to a .vpk and l4d2 playable version.


No Escape
This is the "L4D2" Version of author's NoEscape Survival map.
Note: It's a VPK, but you have to put it into your addons folder MANUALLY!! Ingame, open your console and type "map surv_noescape survival"

Bunker from hell
A survival map of a ww2 bunker author's first ever map can you survive the horror there is no escape stick together or you may find yourself dead use the radio to call for help! radio is near the door have fun...

Barricaded v1.3
version 1.3 versus only test version + survival

The Barrel inn
A map based inside a pub/restaurant where the survivors have to battle the ongoing horde there are plenty of spots to your advantage plenty of rooms and a mini gun over looking the road to help on your quest to good time.

Map Left 4 Lego
Do you like Lego? After playing this map, you won't anymore. This is a little Lego-Themed Survival Map for L4D2. It's currently in Beta-State and will probably be extended. Have Fun!

Death Trap 1
This was started as a test to try out different types of death traps. It turned into a fun little survival map. Explore and find all the traps!
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