Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #10
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:

Singleplayer to MultiPlayer Conversions

Decoy Trenches (Final)
Lasticot's SP-to-MP map conversion for Call of Duty 2 of the British "Decoy" map (called "Decoy Trenches" here). It features a nice bug fix for a collision glitch that occurred at the entrance to the South bunker, as well as various other changes.

El Daba (v2)
Urban warfare style map, conversion of a map issues of the British Campaign.This map will run on not dedicaded server and dedicated server.

Farm du Hoc
It's a somewhat small map with one field of crops, a handful of wrecked houses, and a large yard-of-sorts with some broken down stone walls.
It'd be great for a small or medium number of players, since the firefights would vary greatly depending on where the action was unfolding.

Demolition (v2)
second version of Lasticot's map.This is a single player map converted to dm,tdm and ctf. Note: This map supports dm,tdm and ctf. This is a large map so there are thirty spawn points for deathmatch and team death match. It will work on dedicated and non dedicated servers.It also works with the AWE mod.

Matmata 2 (v1)
conversion of the North African map Matmata, converted by [GCCB]Gunshot. He calls it "Matmata 2," It support DM, TDM, and CTF, along with 25 spawns, two machine guns, and of course the fact that this is a British feature map.


Sniper Valley
This is a Custom CHK map. CHK maps are mostly designed for snipe, but will work with other gametypes if you so choose.

RSix Maze
Map port by Agent.DragonsLaw of a little something from Rainbow Six. This mini-maze is a Deathmatch-only map that would be great for a small game with your buddies or something on a simple LAN server.

Wawa 3D Aim Map
A map from Impale that's just a simple little map for quick skirmishes with buddies or clanmates and would work well in a LAN-type setting.

tr1xxy's aim map (v1.0)
This map is for quick friendly LAN matches. You can either play here with you clan mates or your best friends.

Small clean little map with plenty of areas for close quarter battles for COD2.
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