Dragon Age: Origins Mods Pack

DragonAgeOrigins-ModsPack.zip (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty modifications for Dragon Age: Origins.

Included Mods:

All Spell Can Learn 3.4
Now you can learn all spells and talents.

Quartermaster Tolby
This Mod adds an NPC named Tolby to your camp.He is basically a merchant that will hold any gear you have for free. You "Sell" items to him for 0, and "Buy" them back for 0.

Dual Wield 2 handed Weapons Greatswords Mauls Battleaxes
This small mod lets you dual wield one or all two-handed weapons in the game, which are Greatswords, Mauls, and Battleaxes. NOW!

Forced Deathblows
This is a quick and simple mod that changes the chances of melee kills becoming "Deathblows", aka those nifty scripted hack-em-up sequences!

Messy Kill ring
It adds three Messy kill rings to your characters inventory, It adds them only once so becareful to destroy or sell only the rings that you do not want.

Holy Smite Tweak
What this Mod does is tweak the effect Willpower has on Holy Smite. Characters with low willpower will do less damage than original, but investing points in willpower will have a more positive effect. Willpower at 20 will do exactly the same damage as the original game.

Vals ShapeShifting Mods
Now in five separate packages. There is now one package for each branch. They can be ran separately or together. The branches now include one for Dragons, Demons,Beasts(wolves), Undead, and Tanks(golems,ogres).

Runes For Everything Mod
A mod that adds rune slots to most equip-able gear in Dragon Age. The amount of slots depends on the material type of the equipment (ie. iron, silverite).

Bardic Haste
Gives the Barde Skill "Song of Valor" the magic of Haste, while retaining all the benefits of the Song itself. Run as fast as the wind without the mage running out of mana!

Double Haste
You can now run and fight TWICE as fast as before!
Gives the Barde Skill "Song of Valor" the magic of Haste, while retaining all the benefits of the Song itself.

Interesting Boss Drops
Many boss-level enemies have rather mundane drops, or at least parsimonious drops. This mod will add more interesting drops to bosses.

Item Rebalance
An attempt at making the loot and treasure hunting in Dragon Age more interesting and rewarding.

Quick Shapeshifting
This simply removes the Shapeshifting Spells' charge-up time. Making them close to instant.

Expanded Shapeshifting - Learned Forms
This adds additional shapeshifting forms that are learned by killing specific enemy types.

Nightmare Plus
This Addon makes nightmare more difficult. It also changes a lot of other gameplay issues like enemy AI, potions,etc.
The mod is designed to please both casual and hardcore players ...

Tiered Uniques
Several of Dragon Age's unique items have enchantments that don't exactly fit with other items of the same type and tend to vary greatly in power level.

Dragon Age Mutator 014
A robust yet simple to use installer/uninstaller with various mods to enhance and improve the original campaign.

Ranger Summon Overhaul
This mod replaces the three ranger summons into an ogre, a Revenant, and a pride demon, each with their own special abilities. This
also removes the ranger summon casting time such that summoning is instant.

Less barking dog
This mod alters the idle behavior of Dog so he is less annoying in camp. He will still let out an occasional bark, but the incessant barking animation was replaced by a different one.

Dragon Age Beguiler 003
A very clean and safe modification that will add a couple of new talents to the game that allow to change character values and attributes from within the game.
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