WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #13

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:


Blood Bath (rev11.1)
This map is set in a fenced in bomb cratered area, there's no escape so annihilate them. Oh, and watch out for the surprise...

Firebase Gloria
This map should be played in annihilation mode, teams set to 1 vs. 2 with resource sharing on. I suggest playing against "harder" difficulty AI. Human players will get bored with constantly throwing troops at Gloria.

Coral Reef
The map's designed for 3 player games, but it also works great with 2 players on random start points. Not knowing where your opponent is makes a big difference to a 1 on 1 game!

Gergovia redux
This is a 1 vs 2 level, something quite unusual in the DoW world, based on different contexts to start with but a somehow "balanced" situation anyway.Player 1 starts in a stronghold in the middle of the map with several items provided to help him such as 6 bolter turrets, a generator and relics spots. You'll see that it's no luxury at all. The two others (one in the north, the other in the south) must play team and besiege him.

Hanibal - Aria Lake (2.0)
On the planet Argus Secundus lies an abandoned lake. However, recent Necron movements have invoked the might of the Imperium to return once again...
Aria Lake is a wet, grassy type map. To the West lies the gran Aria Lake, complete with a ship in the distance, to the South a quarry heap, to the north a forest and in the middle an open Necron-style depression.

Hanibal - Armada Jungles (1.5)
The planet of Argus Secundus has a beautiful jungle, filled with birds, trees, mist and blood...
Armada Jungles is a rather hectic map, with rather squashed gameplay. Not one of my best GAMEPLAY-wise, but one of my best GRAPHICS-wise.
You start in the South, an area filled so much with forest, that only corridors are accessible. To the North - East there is a small swamp, to the north-west a ruin, and throughout all directions jungle underbrush.

Castle Defenders
A good map for playing with your friends Vs 5 PC enemies.

DOW Midnight Forest
It is night time in the forest of Grail. A scout team has been deployed to report on a mysterious Daemonic prescence within the forest. Hold or destroy this artifact, for it contains far greater power than any Titan..

Congo Fortress
1 v 2. 2 players start in the jungle and most overrun the fortress deep within the congo.

Eldar Shrine
This is a 3 player map who represent a Eldar Shrine on a mysty island. It is inspired by the excellent Coral Reef map made by monoRAIL.


Sunken Land
The Map is based on an Island Theme, and is best for 2on2, but of course FFA is ok too. It isnt overcrowded, but has some fine details. Tactical Play is supported on this map. The Water is negative cover and the Hills in the middle are interessting as well. Just try it out, comments are wellcome...

This is great for free for all, 2v2 as well as 1v1. Actually any combonation is good as it is balanced to a 'T'.
This is a test of the author for close quarters combat on to an extreme level. Bottlenecks and sparce building space should make a player to choose carefully before building anything! Much negative and heavy cover to fight over (or die over).


Dark Fortress 2.1 EZScar (2.1)
Dark Fortress is a multiplayer map for up to 4 players against the AI. The map uses EZScar, a script that automatically adjusts the difficulty for the number of players. Player 2 should be your "enemy" AI player of any race you desire to attack. This map is race-aware, in that, any races you choose will be used,even though most of the attacking and defending teams buildings are generated automatically. The map, while hard to lose, is still rather tough in spots. It is an excellent map for those desiring a multiplayer scenario map.

Hells Gate Reservoir (1.1)
The massive edifice of Portis Tartarus (Hells Gate) Reservoir stands atop the only known water source of any abundance in the entire Southern Hemisphere of this arid, desert planet. Portis Tartarus is the first step in conquering the Tartarus System as it has long been a valuable source of raw materials for the Imperium. In order to further your goal of conquest, you must secure this vital source of life giving water, for without it, Portis Tartarus will become your tomb. This is a 5 player map. In the skirmish section of the game, select player set team, and fixed starting posistions. Players DEFENDING the fortress must both be on team 1. The 3 players ATTACKING the fortress must all be on team 2.

Mission 11 Multiplayer (1.1)
This is a remake of the Mission 11 map for Dawn of War 1.10.It has some unique features and needs some online multiplayer testing.
It works well in single player skirmish.

Assault On Precinct
Designed for AI battles but just as fun ffa. players 1-2 team 1. players 3-5 team.

Evacuation of Turtolsky
There is a space port which you and your ally are in and a small town outside of that were the enemy is and both sides start out with a few guys not much just had them go with the story and player 1 and 2 have 4 turrets.

Space Marine Chapel
This map is supposed to be an old space marine chapel.


River Basin
This map is best played with seven humans free for all. Computers tend to be a little bit of a headache because of their insane micro-management skills. Keep that in mind.

This is my 7-Player Map (512x1024) in the Middle is the Sacrefice Lab (an Relic you can take). Each Player has his own starting Sektor.
Be aware If you Play this on Hard this Game can take Houres,so its bette to Play it on Easy oder Standard (the computer will be strong enough).
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