Counter-Strike Source Map Pack #7
How to Install Maps:

extract all files to your counter-strike source maps folder (for example "C:\program files\valve\steam\steamApps\your_acountcounter-strike

Included Maps:

The map takes place on a yacht in the Caribbean by the port of Tikiman's Island. There are four hostages. The map is not too large but consists of 4 total floors. You can go inside almost every room in the map (cockpit, kitchen, lounge, office, bar, flying bridge deck, and others).

Another house map in a park/forestish-area. If you are using a slower computer you might experience some framerate drops in certain areas. I optimized it as much as I could!

Terrorists: In 1981 some of our brothers stayed at Hotel Fawlty Towers.
They were not satisfied!
Mr. Fawlty was the rudest man they've ever met.

cs_office07 is a 100% re-make of Turtle Rock's cs_office, no copy and pasting - map was built from scratch brush by brush

cs_jungle *Final*
A few basic strategies to keep in mind:
- Move slowly in the forests unless you're in a rush, it's very easy to miss people hiding in the shadows.
- Which points the next thing, use the shadows and the bushes in the jungle, don't move on the road in the middle. You can frequently kill someone from behind because he passed you without noticing
- Terrorists have a camping advantage, if they use it the CTs can always use the overpass for sniping them (Use the area with the bushes, not the exposed area, it is meant only to avoid damage when going down)
- When sniping hide in foliage and don't move, moving is the most exposing thing. (Until someone saw you, then you better move if you don't want to get hit)
- If you go for hostages, try letting two people get them, each from one house. This will simplify bringing them back. Remember there are two Hostage rescues, so if you suspect someone camping the rescue, go to the farther one.

Terrorists have to disable the electricity by placing C4 on bombsite A or on the internet-connection area on bombsite B to hinder the transmission of important data. Counter-Terrorists have to neutralize all terrorist forces or disarm the C4.
There are 4 main routes in the map: to the left using the streets to enter B, using the bridge to enter B, through the middle entering A or B and over the right roof to enter A.

his version contains a 150MB bsp file which includes all custom content.

You'll figt on layout of a PC.

Terrorists have been hiding out in the woods for months and are being hunted down for
information on spies within a number of high ranking organisations assisting
in plotting terror attacks.
As the terrorist team you must destroy all evidence of
such activities by planting bombs at either of the two sites which were being used
as the hideout.
As the CTs you must secure the hideouts and prevent the terrorists from
destorying the information.

It's very loosely based on the 1983 bombing of the American embassy in Beirut and it supports HDR.
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