Fallout 3 Mods Pack #2

Fallout3-ModsPack2.zip (20 file(s))
This package is a collection of twenty modifications for Fallout 3.

Included Mods:

Gameplay Mods

All Perks Unlocked
Unlock all perks and build a character any way imaginable and create very unique personalities. Build a powerful pwn character or extremely specialized setup.

Vault Dweller's Survival Perk Pack
The Vault Dwellers Survival Perk Pack adds 10 new perks to the game all with new icons not seen in Fallout 3 before. The perks aim to be balanced and work alongside the original game perks. The download also includes a minimanual in PDF format.

Level 30 and 40 Cap Mod v1.21
This mod increases the default level cap at 20 to level 30 or 40. This mod does have some drawbacks.

Hair Style Unlock
Use this mod to give characters any hair style available in the game. Hairstyles are specifically linked to a NPC, raider, or other folders.

Greenworld Mod V2
A mod that changes the world of Fallout 3 from rocky hell to green and flourishing. If you like grass and trees this is highly recommended

Welcome To The Wasteland
The WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND mod brings hardship back into the fallout world and rebalances many game systems to make for a more complex game with more complex interaction between skills and abilities and with better overall balance.

Martigen's Mutant Increased Spawns Mod
This is a mod to increase the number of creature and NPC spawns encountered in the game adding more life and challenge to the Wasteland.

Weapon Damage and Accuracy Mod v0.20
This mod focuses on changing the projectile damage and accuracy with real world numbers. Similar projectile have similar weapon damage and accuracy values and progressive changes in these values based on the weapon used.

The Fallout 3 Weather Overhaul
200 years since the bombs fell and somehow everything is tinted green? Dust in the atmosphere, even if it could magically last 200 years, wouldn't make things green. FWO changes all that.

Enhanced Blood Textures
Increases the resolution size from 256 to 1024 and creates new textures for screen, world, wounds and static blood decals. Esps are used to increase the size appearance of the blood and adjustments for screenblood. ini will change max amount and lifetime for blood that is in the world space.


Princess Hole in the Wall
This mod adds a single cell - Hole in the Wall - a small simple shack full of shameless cheats (workbench, nuka machine, infirmary, lab - but not TOO overpowered) as well as useful items (a non-restocking safe with 800 caps and LOTS of storage).


Fallout 3 Reborn: A Realism Mod Version 6
Here it is the long awaited Version 6. This one comes with a few major changes quite a few tweaks and various bug fixes. This mod is still work in progress so expect a few bugs.

Classic Advanced Power Armor v1.2
This powered armor is composed of lightweight metal alloys, reinforced with ceramic castings at key points. The motion-assist servo-motors appear to be high quality models as well.

Monster Costumes v1.3.2
These armor package will allow you to wear different suits and appears as several different monsters of the Fallout 3 world of your choice. With this costumes you can even befriend monsters.

Desert Eagle
This mod adds a retextured version of 10mm handgun plus a custom gun sound.

Tailor Maid Armor Mod
This is a mod that enables you to equip extra armor and accessories to enhance the appearance of any other armor or outfit. Make and design your own combination of armor pieces.

Custom Race Resource v1.0
This mod allows load custom characters and upload features like an eyepatch playing as a Ghoul and loading different character features.

Fallout 3 - 10mm Pistol v2
Improves on the 10mm pistol by adding better sounds HiRES textures better specular lighting and slightly different skin.

Real Latex Armor Mod v2
This armor adds some real latex pieces with a dark rich black glow. This textures replaces Female Metal Armor in game with a glowing effect on armor that looks like a real latex in life.

Lightsaber v0.9 Beta
Lightsaber v0.9 Beta is a prototype Jedi Lightsaber is a powerful melee weapon that will destroy most enemies with several slices.
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