Doom 3 Map Pack #5
How to Install Maps:

Place the .pk4 to wherever your doom3/base folder is.
Load up the game and select the map from the multiplayer map list .

Included Maps:


Damnatio Memoriae (Episode I: Escape from Prykohn)
It is the year 2970. Humanity has long ago colonized most of the Milkyway Galaxy. You work for SpaceTime Technologies, a galaxy-wide corporation exploiting wormhole travelling. Wormhole travelling requires a type of exotic matter to keep the throat of the hole open. Exotic matter is very difficult to produce, so the supplies are limited. You were sent on a business trip to Prykohn, a small earth-like planet in the constellation of Orion, 650 light-years away from Earth, to buy supplies of exotic matter for SpaceTime Technologies. The Prykohnians are a business-oriented, money-loving society, forcing you to pay for everything.

Damnatio Memoriae (Episode II: Creatio Anulo)
Episode II: Creatio Anulo is the conclusion of the Damnatio Memoriae Mod. Playing Episode I: Escape from Prykohn first is recommended though not required.
September 29, 2970. You happily arrive in Prykohn after a long trip for a very lucrative bussiness. You work for SpaceTime Technologies, an earth-based corporation exploiting exotic matter for wormhole travelling. Shortly after your arrival the Targs decide to attack the Planet and slaughter most of the population. You are taken among them, kidnapped and put to rot in a filthy cell. But, for some reason, someone wants you to escape, leaving you clues to succeed in your quest. When you finally enter the rocket cabin, you find out the sad truth: you've been used to transport a deadly artifact that may change the face of the Universe: the Creatio Anulo...

Deep Caves of Mars (beta 1)
This is a single player adventure taking place inside of a base on Mars There are many monsters and evil places. Your mission consists in both making your way through the deep undergrounds of the base and killing as many monsters as you can. The Ancient boss awaits you!

Demon Genes
This is a fast-paced single-player map with tons of enemies and weapons. It starts off quiet, but that will quickly change. The setting is a Genetic research facility that you have been sent to investigate after communications cease. Whatever, it's a familiar storyline, you've heard it all before...
This map incorporates many intricately crafted sequences as well as heavy usage of scripting.

Dark Revelation
Dark Revelation is a short Episode in typical Doom I Style.

Dead Simple Map (Doom 2 Map 7)
This map is a remake of the Doom 2 Level 7 map for Doom 3.

D3 Ghost Level 1
All in all, it's a monster killing SP map without very much detail. If you enjoy running around basic rooms to kill lots and lots and LOTS of monsters, you'll like this, if you want an SP mission, this is not for you.

Death Is Coming
Just find the Exit! That is your mission!

D1E1M1 (The Hangar)
author: Here's the first little sample of D1E1M1, I'm currently doing all the new textures for it and working on some details like the railings and pipes.

Demon Zoo
'You have been invited to come visit UAC's own demon zoo! Just be safe and remember that cake is awesome...' and if you think you have what it takes to enjoy the show and see what UAC has to offer to entertain you...and walk out in one piece, then prepare for some serious Doom III fun! If this is something you are interested in, then the only thing you need to do is pay the price of admission...which just happens to be a successful click of the download link...simple, eh?
See you inside...
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