Half-Life 2 Map Pack #2

How to Install Maps:

extract all files to your "Maps"-Folder
for example: .... Valve/Steam/SteamApps/***account***/half-life 2 deathmatch/hl2dm/maps

Included Maps:


Dr Breen's Quest for the Holy Grail
This is a small map by JimmyD containing a short scene involving part of 'Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail'.

Dr Breen's Quest for the Holy Grail Part 2
This is the second part of JimmyD's seires of maps based on Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail this particular scene (Part 2) features "The Keeper of the Bridge of Death" which is a bridge that covers a gorge and to cross it King Arthur and his brave knights must answer three questions from the "Bridge Keeper" this will be the last "Grail" creation.

Dr Breen's Quest for the Holy Grail (Part III)
From the author of the last two Monty Python Maps, comes the third, in which Dr Breen encounters a peculiar band of Knights, with their dangerous words... Guess JimmyD was lying when he said part 2 would be the last. Have fun in part III of Dr Breen's Quest for the Holy Grail!

Night Of A Million Zombies
Kill as many zombies as you can!, but beware, there are allot of zombies want to eat you alive.
Weapons that you can find in the map
-Grav Gun

XM1 SP Map
This will be the first map of a very scary and HARD Trilogy

Day 13
For the last 12 days and nights, you have been incarcerated by the Combine in a "Re-education facility".
Each day so far, you have been forced to partake in "simulations", which fortunately so far have been somewhat harmless.

Combine Mega Weapon
New mega weapon of the combines.

Alien Map
Yet another holdem off map. will it ever end?

NOAMZ Tunnels
The Aim of the game is to kill lots of zombies, more zombies than anyone else has ever.
Ok, at first this may seem like another Half Life 2 Zombie kill fest but there are a few things that I probably should point out.
1. The regular zombies start off slightly stronger, with 75 health, and get stronger as you kill more zombies. This is just to make it a bit more of a challenge.
2. The red Zombies explode, and you get 2 points off em, there are only a few pre-placed ones though.

Background Mill
Very nice looking, small map complete with music. No enemies present and no weapons lying around.


Barrel Factory (v1)
This is a HL2 multiplayer map, its based in a smallish factory. The most obvious feature is a large convayour belt with moving machinary moveing barrels around. There are two cranes that pick up and move around barrels in the factory. This map has got loads of cool things for you to play with in the level. I wouldnt want to spoil all of the features for you, you will just have to explore!

Abyss Map
Based in an underground research lab. Plenty of high-action area's to get caught up in.

Battle Grounds Forts
This map takes place in a snowy valley with two forts on two islands ( 1 for the British and 1 for the americans).

Barney Gulch Map (Final)
- Normal warthog and experimental airboat warthog. Note: airboat hog has weird collision model, make up your own explanation (holographic shell, etc).
- Accurate proportional terrain
- Main cave replaced with water for some reason I can't think of right now.

Agression Bay
Agression_bay takes place in Bay above to BlackMesa.
Facility, it is a guarding post for the Blackmesa, The one most important entrances lies beneath the bay
and there is alawys trouble between the civilians and the combine, BlackMesa is the only place where the combine
havent taken so there is always a battle going on.It is as medium sized map structures built on the cliff walls to
Trams going around the map, Half sunken houses filled with water, there is alot of fun to be had here.
Hope you like my map...

Hometown 1999 (V1.1)
This map is based in a town in the year 1999 and the map has all the tools,games,cars etc of that era too this map is designed really well.

Abandoned Map
A cool, dark, and creepy map for HL2DM!

It?s a RATS-Map ...Snipers are wellcome
You can use CDs, Pencils, Golfballs and Tees as weapons.
There are two mobile MouseBuggies in the desk. Gauss didn?t work fine, but it?s funny to use them for racing.

Alien Remap (v2)
-Dont need to set damage/health anymore (auto)
-Sounds now includes map no extra downloads needed
-Rollermines to help you fight (5)
-3 cages of headcrabs to help you fight
-Normal headcrabs (2)
-Fast headcrabs (2)
-Poison headcrabs (2)

City 17
This is an awsome map. There's tons of battles to be held and fights to be fought in this map. The textures and layout are simply beautiful and the areas to fight in are both realistic and far fetched at the same time. Now I'd like to see some Counter Strike maps of this calibur.
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