Doom 3 Map Pack #6
How to Install Maps:

Place the .pk4 to wherever your doom3/base folder is.
Load up the game and select the map from the multiplayer map list .

Included Maps:


Dust2dust consists of two single-player levels for Doom 3. I've changed the normal d3 gameplay a bit: there are more monsters and faster action, but there will always be a way to kill them without being hurt. So you always run faster than the vanilla d3 (you don't need to sprint anymore). I made these maps to become familiar with the D3 engine and I had a great time working on them.

DHC Hanger (1.0)
This is a remake of Hanger, the first level of Doom. I started with the same basic geometry, and worked out from there. This is my first D3 map, so it basically served the purpose of letting me get used to the editor. There are some new things, from doors, to pdas, to secrets. It is based on the monsters that are in the game at Ultra-Violence difficulty.

Diner of Death (1.0)
UAC has received a distress call from a remote diner facility on Mars. You have to get into the diner and find the survivor. Your struggle then begins..

Doom recreation map-E1M1
A recreation of the origional mission 1- "Hangar." The item placement was pretty good, and some of the rooms really brought back memories. This is my first Doom 3 map creation. I tried to make it in the style of the old Doom games (e.g. blue, yellow, red key cards, hitting switches to open doors, ect). It's not a very large map or very dtailed yet.

SP map set underground.


This Map take Place in a Castle Style Area what was somehow Teleported to Hell, some UAC Soldiers was also Teleported with it, but they dont survived long fighting the Demons...

DM_PureEvil (1.0)
I get annoyed with big maps where i cant find my opponent .SO i did this in about 6 hours from concept to final brush.Hope you enjoy its

Simple,claustraphobic , frenzied gameplay.
There's a much bigger Single player map on the way too ,im about 4000 brushes in and its playing and looking good.

Mini Rocket Arena
A mini rocket arena map for Doom 3.

A good deathmatch map for Doom 3.

Pestilence (1.0)
This is a medium-sized map that might you remind a Q3A map - the one that is plunged into a thick orange fog, though the latter ain't that thick in this one.

Epic War
Game Types: Deathmatch, Team DM, Tourney, Last Man Standing.

Arena Deathmatch Map
V0.6 of Alexis Jolicoeur's Doom 3 Arena map.
-more ammo
-more shotguns
-more machine guns
-added a bfg
-less chainguns
-added four bunkers made with boxes in each corner of the map
-fixed wall bug (we could just see a black wall)
-deleted the hellknight
-fixed all the ammo and weapons to be just on the floor(not higher)


House of Death
Medium-sized multiplayer map for DOOM 3 or Resurrection of Evil.

FoREVERror DM 1 (1.0)
ThE FoREVERror (aka RoR) brings us a great multiplayer map for Doom 3. With huge hallways, track cars to move along speedily, more than a few turbo turkey puncher consoles, and much more, this map will provide hours of enjoyment for even the most battle-hardened Mars marine!

This is a small ctf map, best for small games amongst a few people, but is still fun with more.
v1.1 with a fixed .def file from TomonfireKAN.

FJM_stucko (1.0)
Multiplayer map for Doom 3 mod 5.56 mmfmj
Players: 2-8
Gametypes: ctf, tdm, dm, tourney
custom textures, custom models

Forever Falling
Forever Falling is a Small, CQB map. It consists of many small walkways built one on top of another. Forever Falling is filled with power-ups, all weapons, including the BFG and the Chainsaw. This map is in very tight and will provide you with hours of fun gameplay. Enjoy.

An other architecturally rich level designed by GW. Pretty small but visually pleasing; it features Quake 3-like jump pads and a very cool teleporting effect.

Hyro Mini
Get ready for a fragging good time! This map is designed for multiplayer action, specifically, it's geared for 1v1 hoopla...and it supports all game modes. Any more then 1v1, and this map will get chaotic.
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