Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #84
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

The Great Class Dash
The first public release of the Great Class Dash By Dylan 'Steaky' Loney.

Alpha 1 of ClandestinePz's map.

Alpha 3 of Black Gold by Muffin Man.

CP Coldfront B2
Prepare for a Cold War
The five control points present in this map promise to switch hands fast and often in this straightforward map, designed with both competitive and public gameplay in mind (It's possible!). The multiple, varied access points to every area will ensure the skilled will be able flank and overpower anything that gets in their way.
Release Notes, B2
-Significantly improved FPS in outdoor areas
-Fixed players being able to switch classes using enemy spawnrooms
-Fixed ambient alarm sound randomly being heard all over the map
-Simplified entryway into CP2 from outside
--Removed redundant doorway into CP2
--Moved healthpack onto ground floor
--Replaced catwalk with staircase
--Added crates for players to climb onto the upper ledge
--(Testing) Added new side-route into CP2 from outside
-Fixed several broken overlays
-Reduced glare on silo lights
-Server operators are now able to disable the snow for all players with the following command:
-- ent_fire particle_snow stop
--(Temporary fix gauged towards competitive players. NOTE: Must be used every new round)

CP_Dodongo's Cavern
A Modified version of TLoZl: OoT

Gauntlet is a linear 3-point A/D CP map that features a train that reliably rolls through the pass in the middle.

One of the original and most memorial maps from the now classic Duke Nukem 3D remade for TF2.
Come get some nostalgia while kicking ass and chewing bubblegum on this deathmatch classic!

Orange Final does something no other orange map has done... it is finished. Aka, finalized.
-Full 3d skybox
-HDR Lighting
-No dev textures
-Full optimization
-Full detailing with grass and pumpkins
-Custom textures
-Custom models
-Resupply sheds
-Ammo spawns for engineers
-Jumpkins for soldiers
-'No fall damage' water puddles for demos
-Limited sniper visibility
-overall high quality
-Health pack easter eggs in each team's sheds
-Class / Team balancing

Crazy Pete's Bog
A payload map using the swamp theme pack

By Jason0.

A new locale has emerged in the constant search for those fabled pits of gravel.
In the mounting desperation, fuelled by the ever growing gravel shortages, the teams have taken to searching below the surface of the earth itself. In preparation for the ensuing subterrainean conflict, both sides have contracted out for underground bases from the famous fortress

builders of TF2M.
Unfortunately, both teams have selected the same site for their secret bases, and when this is discovered, all hell breaks loose as each side tries to repel the interlopers.

Beta 9

The blu team has dammed up a river, just because that is what they do. Of corse when the red team found out about this the too build a dam. When the red team realized how silly it was to have a dam down river from another dam, they diverted another river into their dam.
Explanation: Each team starts with a bomb in their base. they must take that bomb to the enemy base and blow a hole in the enemy base to gain access to the intel. A team must cap the intel to win.

First map of author 'Grim Tuesday'.

Author Tyker.

BY Walker.

Author nomeansnomad.

Both teams control a small base in a forest in the alps, but wait, there's something special in the map. You have seen one river, but you haven't seen two rivers in one map (That might not be true).
Because of the rivers, map motto is : "Two Teams, Two Bases, Two Rivers, One Goal - Destroy Enemy Team.

Completely reworked layout. Now with textures! Still lacks water detailing outside windows and I'm sorry to say a dome on top.

pl_Swiftwater final, release candidate 1
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