WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #14

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.

Included Maps:


Forsaken OutPost
This a 6 Player map for Dawn of War. It is a long map that is suited for protracted team battles, as there is a lot of resources and great melee areas, as well of staging areas etc.

Arrakis v1.16
This is a slight remake of the first Arrakis map. It is basically the same one, but I retextured it to look more like a desert. I used the same textures that I used for Arrakis: Tears of Shai-Hulud (8) so the spice looks like spice, the sand looks like sand. I took out a lot of decals, because I originally was making this for experimenting so there were layers of decals that were not even visible.

Maiden World
The file attachet is a multiplayer map for Dawn of War Winter Assault. The File included the files needed to play as well as six screenshots show casing the map.

City Under Siege
This map is based in a city, there a three spaces around the map edges that hold the player start positions, its best to play 2v2v2 on this map the are 2 or 3 criticals on the map i cant remember. I made this map because it was a ace idea at the time. Each player has a relic, to unlease ultimate damage against the oponents in a Intense battle!

Aqueduct (v2)
The citizens on this recently colonized planet where sustained by the river, a river that now flows red with blood.

Mountain pass
Mountain pass is a 6 player map designed for 3v3 games and is best played as such, although free for all games or 2v2 is still possible.

Dead City
A 3 vs 3 City map by Sargent Bash! Enjoy.

This is a 6 player map based on a beach assault with 3 teams landing on the beach and the other 3 teams starting off in the jungle. The beach times are under heavy fire with explosions and gunfire everywhere, (harmless to the players) making for a pretty intense run up the beach. Securing the beach head is critical for the first teams while teams 4-6 must fortify their entrances into the jungle trench system. Plays well on both annihilate type games and take and hold.

Tank Factory v1.5
Two armies battle it out over the ruins of a tank assembly plant. The pickings are slim on the surface but to the winner goes access to the largely undamaged vaults beneath the grounds. This map is best suited for 3v3 play due to the starting positions. Free for alls and 2v2v2 are virtually right out.

A front sector of Lorennis X. The LXI. Cadian Regiment was sent to hold of an Ork invasion lead by Orkboss Urgluk Durkoppz. After heavy fighting, Captain Howe ordered his troops to form up in a forceful Phalanx along the deadly trench.


Heavy Cover in the brush. The bases are in low lying areas. The Relics are clustered in the center area. This is untamed wilderness.

BrainBoyz's Hill (Green Edition)
The map works best as a 4 vs 4 team game, but will work as a 2v2v2v2 but probably not a free for all. It plays much quicker, and more tactically, as a Take And Hold game, especially when playing with the (Doors, Human Only) map... but either works fine for Annihilation.

Silva Quadrivium
8 player map, size 513, a town surrounded by forest. Can be used with fixed starting locations in 2v2 or 2v2v2v2 games. 3 critical locations in the town, one in a factory, one in an apartment block and one at the crossroad.

Verdant Isles
Map Name Verdant Isles Players maximum of 8 Size 512x512 Author Vampiric Puppy email warmapplepie666 hotmail.com Version 1.0 Original Description An 8 Player Map Designed for free for all as well as Take hold games.

Ranaga v2.1
Long ago this was an Eldar city. Now its is just a toxic dust wastland with plentifull post apocalyptic promise. This map has 48 strategic flags, five strategic objectives, four relics and six slag deposits.

Quary Wars
This map is called Quary Wars, the concept of the tournament style map was related to me by Michael Crawford. So I'll dedicate this map to him. This map is designed for 4v4, 2v2v2v2, and free for all. It is an emphasis on defensive gameplay and team coordination. It also requires the players to plan for expansion, becuase the map is fairly large and travel time becomes a serious issue.

Marrick Kharn-Fate of an Outpost
During the days of the Great Crusade, bitter battles were fought for control of this world. It stayed in the hands of the Imperium for millenia until the World Eaters attacked it and gained control, naming it after their champion, Kharn.

Viridis Abyssus
This 8-player trench map is ideal for annihilate or take & hold modes. This map will force you to make some strategic decisions with how you play it, giving neither side the upper hand.

Meribah: Bitter Waters
This map was designed for team play, 4v4 or 2v2v2v2, compatible with all game types, except FFA. Map items include 4 relics, 6 critical locations, 10 slag deposits, and some 36 strategic locations.

Vegnous City
Once a grand city, Vegnous City was in its prime. Thinking the city's defenses were enough, Vegnous was unguarded. 09/02/40 the day the choas force invaded. 300,000 were killed in unspeakable ways... the rest no one knows.
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