Far Cry 2 Map Pack #16

To install the maps put the .fc2map file into this folder.
C:\Documents and settings\My Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps
C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps

Included Maps:

Dead Village
The UFFL has discovered an old dead town in africa and builds it up again but soon the APR follows them and the fight starts. The map is kinda small and i made it for my friends this is the first map i made so i hope you enyoi it.

City of Montcucq (v1.1)
City of Montcucq (v1.1)Welcome in the small town of Montcucq. From the top of his castle, the local warlord dominates the city. Many buildings will help you hide, you find ammunition and hang gliders to fly over the city. More numerous and you will be better.

Sniper towers
By xearo65. A map made for snipers, as the name already indicates.
All gametypes are supported and the map is rather big to support a large player number because there are several levels.

The Pirate Bay
Great map consists of two islands and a boat.
The first island is the site of an ancient fort rehabilitated.
On the second island is an ancient cave once occupied by pirates.
This cave has been restored to sheltered activities of new illegal smugglers.
The boat is the means by which all these modern pirates reach the island.

Green Hell v 1.0
This time everything happens in the Jungel, there are 3 camps, from there if that arises one all play types of plays can.
The map is also well see at night Playable and also very extensively.
Still some infos.:
Playable with - Day and Night
Deathmath - Teamdeathmatch
Capture the Diamond - Uprising
Cars exist and explosive Items them to you fires below ass.

Surf 2010 - final
This map is ideal for snipers,

Hidden Island
Hidden Island is a great map for close counter fighting. This will sharpen your skills whilst you enjoy the hidden passageways included in the map. The main bases is good fun but just to make it even better there is tons of transportation and turrets. Have fun!

Petite Venise (2.0)
Another map from author xearo65, attemted to try a part of Venice.

The Highway Tunnel
This is a very huge map in the middle of the map is chain of hills. On the hills is a Castle with a secret passage to the tunnel and a few nice Sniper points. A road leads to the castle...

Railway Station
This time you are on a railway station.The map contain several play types, Deathmatch, Team Deathmath, Capture the diamond. The map is also playable very well with night.
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