Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance Map Pack #2
How to Install Maps:

Place the files into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\THQ\Gas Powered Games\Supreme Commander(or Forged Alliance)\maps

Included Maps:

2-4 Players:

Each plyer starts on the land mass to the NW with 3 MassEX's each. There are 3 areas to the SE and South of the map that have a lot of MassEx's and one hydrocarbon power plant in each area. But to able to get to the Mass areas u need to fly there.

Quad Lake
Description: The serene forested area of quad lake has long served as a vacation retreat for high ranking UEF officials. The recent presence of hostile commanders is about to change that.

Triple T V8
Update to Triple T. Changes Include:
- Dragon Fly did some more magic for the AI
- stray kelp removed
- more mexes, but you'll have to get out of your base to get them
- more trees/rocks/logs in a few select locations
- underwater height map overhaul to improve amphibious pathing
- some texture touch ups

Lost Island 5
Map Lost Island 5, size 10x10 km (512x512), for 4 players.
In cosmos, on the lost planet, the fifth isle was uncovered, prepare to fight in Earth, Sea and Air.

Lost Island 6
Map Lost Island 6, size 10x10 km (512x512) for 4 players.
In distant galaxy, on the lost ocean planet, a new isle was undecovered, prepare to fight in Earth, Sea and Air.

Thick Stripe
this map is 2x20. 4 players. 5 starting mass spots per player. no reclaimables. hope to add reclaimables to next version. small amount of water on top and bottom of map.

Survival 1.0
Good for rush games.

Team Fort
"It was designed for close combat with a buddy, originally designed for me and a friend to start next to each other then rather then across the map and defend. The map design idea allows you to defend one ramp and focus your defence rather then having to spread it out. It may not have a lot of detail through out the map but it works exactly as it should."

The War
Here is a nice 6 player map with lots of room to battle at 40x40 with a nice amount of water for a large navy great defense islands for lots of fun and some very different types of games.

Xing v3
A green 2x2 map that is covered in trees. 4 bodies of water all in the cardinal directions from the center. you can build a naval fac in the left and right bodies of water. Lots of mass in the middle along with 2 hydrocarbons each person gets 1 hydrocarbon near their starting point and 4 mexes.

5-6 players

Six Leaf Clover 3
A Four Leaf Clover style map, that looks the same but has six clovers. This map changes how you use to play Four Leaf Clover, because it now has six players, and the mass points are placed differently, to stop turtling. It is a 10x10km map, which looks almost the same as Four Leaf Clover.

Supreme 7
This is a 6Plyer Map its 20x20.

This map is thought to be a mixed Setons/Isis map, with focus on team-matches suggested 3v3 or 2v2.

7-8 players

Asteroids (a space map)
Once one of the most resouce-rich planets in the universe,the massive battles fought to conquer it torn the planet apart. But its shattered remnants still serve as a battleground, until even the last remaining resources have been harvested.

Temple Mental
4v4 8 player map, linked temples, based on a mayan design sorround four inner temples and a central mass rich area, plays best 4 on the ourside 4 in the centre, Also works well as a four player map.

Pier Pressure - Xtreme
A tight quarters map for extremely strategic battles in Forged Alliance and Supreme Commander. Tested with Sorian AIx 6 vs 2 and had some long drawn out battles. Small infiltration groups are best from the flanks as the main centre pier gets busy. WOrk your way forward and defend the outcropings. There are lots of neat platforms and paths - follow the roads for best routes...

Uneven Odds (1.6)
On this remote planet, the seraphim cornered a pair of commanders who were assessing the planet as a potential location for Fort Clarke. The battle that took place resulted in heavy losses for both sides, and was a pivotal moment in the war.

Project2 v1.3
Originally the plan was to discuses peace with the Seraphim, but after gate in, it was obvious the Seraphim had a different intention. As the battle rages on, both sides were quick to call in re-enforcements who gated in to the island surrounding them to try push the tide of the battle.

United Kingdom
A full UK based map for extremely big battles in Forged Alliance and Supreme Commander. Tested with Sorian AIx 7 vs 1 and got annihilated several times which is nice. Try south wales if you like a challenge, surrounded by AI.
The terrain is slightly higher than actual scale but apart from that everything should be in the right places. Enjoy

The Seraphim created this peculiar place on a planet called Sentina which was used to determine their best commander for the invasion on earth. They used QNTF (Quantum-nano Terraforming) to create a nearly perfect symetrical battleground to provide a fair match. Now 3 years after the war was over a Cybran Probe found this planet with its single island on it and they also scanned a signature of an UEF commander. They decided to use it for tournaments. May the battle begin.
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