Crysis SP After The Crysis Map
The U.S. and Canadian forces have become weakened, greatly defending the world from the invading aliens and corrupt North Koreans. Their efforts were no match against the powerful technology of the invading alien forces. Mother Nature herself has saved us again. The high salt content in our oceans was the ultimate undoing and destruction of all aliens. The escaping Korean army however still poses a threat as they have made it to the mainland of North and South America in the stolen carriers and other equipment. Now they have made their escape into the harsh and rugged terrain of the western hemisphere. Many of these Koreans now have American firepower at their disposal and threaten anyone who stands in their way. They are now forcing people to grow the food needed for survival and steal anything that they can get their hands on. The general population is at the mercy of these tired, bitter, evil and destitute Koreans who show no mercy as they make their way across the land. Children are simply in the way and are slaughtered like animals in front of their parents. The men and boys try to put up a fight but are tortured into a slow death while the women are used as toys for pleasure. This is not how it should end! We must do something no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes! There are not many of us left to fight but we have the expertise and experience to find these thugs and be rid of this menace finally. The Koreans have walked right into our backyard! Now it is our turn to run circles around these lunatics and give them a taste of their own medicine. Our only hope is that there are no remnants of the alien technology left to come back and haunt us in the future! We will deal with these thugs now and live in peace once more.
-Playable in Crysis not Crysis Wars
-Lush environment
-Varied landscapes including waterfalls, hills, pine/hardwood forests, etc.
-Immersive story-line
-Optional libraries folder
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