Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #86
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

A brand new arena map. Looking pretty sweet so far, don't you think?

By Muffin Man.

The first release of CapellanCitizen map.

Modelled after the Conquest gamemode in Battlefield, but with a few adjustments, this is how it works:
-Each team starts with 200 tickets
-Whenever a player kills a player of the opposite team, the dying team loses 1 ticket
-There are 3 CPs in the map: 1 main one, and 2 side ones
-Capturing and holding either of the two side ones will drain the opponent's tickets by 1 ticket per every 15 seconds
-Capturing and holding the middle point drains 2 tickets every 15 seconds from the enemy's supply
-When one team's ticket supply 0, that team loses

Release Notes, RC2
-Compiled with -staticproplighting (improved lighting on props)
-Particle effects are now flagged as weather, and may be enabled/disabled from the multiplayer options menu
-Added additional cover on mid CP
-Added short railing around last CP
-Improved FPS in final CP area

Simple-red's must cap single blue's control point, but it is not so easy.Heath and ammo you can find also in water and near control point
CP is capturing vury fast that's why blue must watch them also blu can build ON A DOUBLECART at second floor just reach it and you can build your sentry and dispencer at midlle if that thing and it will move when you ride it.

A "Dustbowl" style Invade CP map with two rounds and 5 capture points in total.

Latest (third) version of Orange Citadel!
This time, the ground has been removed and replaced with walkways above a huge drop.

Author Seba, Leetleedge.

his is a fixed version--it has a few minor changes, and its name has been lower-caseified.

It would seem that once again the fortress builders have gotten away with building two hostile bases right next door to each other, and neither side has cottoned on to this deceptive money (and gravel) making scheme!
Hidden away behind seemingly innocent buildings, 2 secret bases work tirelessly to uncover alternative power sources in the increasingly desperate times as gravel supplies run out.
Top of the list is a deathray powered only by sandviches. However, it seems the other faction have had similar ideas, and now the bases do

little more than fight to try and get a peek at the other team's plans.

In this CTF variant, there is a neutral flag that both teams fight over. To score a point, your team must take the flag to the ENEMY's base.

Rippleside A14! Last before Beta!* More changes!
A14 Changelist:
- Reworked open right route
- Added 3rd exit from Spawn Building, attackers now have platform
- New Intel Capture Zone
- More Novint Advertising (Weee)
- Fixed sprite + overlay issues
- Slightly more optimised

-Normal CTF gametype.
-Granary theme.
-Entry for 4th Major Contest.

Dr. Forrester's evil plan has finally come to fruition... Red vs. Blu battles in his new underground arena. Whomever can capture the point and hold it for three minutes shall gain their freedom. Those who cannot, shall suffer a fate worse than death... a Uwe Boll movie marathon!
Who will win? Who will lose? Who will be totally unprepared and crap themselves when the giant pistons of death smash them to pieces after the
point is capped? find out!

Alpha 6 B
-Fixed Errors with Alpha 5 A
-Opened up back areas
-Base optimization
-Better Lighting
-Slight Detailing

Spytech underwater base.

pl_SwiftWater Final RC4
RC 4
-Decreased red spawn times
-Fixed One Way door
-Changed CP3 ramp to favor red.
-Fixed mesh at CP3 taking splash damage (I think)
-Fixed building exploit in final blue spawn

A long payload map set near a water purification plant deep built against a large river. RED's operation is more sinister than it first appears, and BLU are determined to ruin whatever plans they have.

The survivors are apparently safe from zombies.Scout zombies have to make their way to the control panels. Once they capture them, bridges will appear. Once zombies have activated the 6 bridges platforms, nothing stops other zombies to eat the survivors!
As a survivor, you must prevent the zombie invasion. Snipers are great to defend the first minutes.
As survivor, you can also activate the bridges but don't do it unless you have a plan.
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