Call Of Duty 2 Map Pack #13
How to Install Maps:

Simply extract the file and put the map into your "main" folder
...\Activision\Call of Duty 2\main

Included Maps:

SP-to-MP Conversions

Tank Hunt (v2)
This map supports dm,tdm and ctf. This map has thirty spawn points for dm,tdm and ctf. It will work on dedicated and non dedicated servers.It will also work with the AWE mod.

Toujane Ride
This is the second version of Toujane called Toujane_ride, it's a large, very large map! 2 or 3 times as big as mp_toujane but it's very fun to play!

Here's another 'super-sized' map conversion by Tally who collaborated with Bullet_Worm this time around. This Russian map features support for over 25 players in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

Silo Town (final v4)
Called Silo Town and is so named for its giant silo snipers love so much. But hey, if it's an excuse to make use of CoD2's awesome looking Springfield sniper rifle, why not?

Winter Training
This map has lots of different sections and huge, open streets for firefights, so you'd better prepare yourself for some full-scale battles!

Multiple Gametypes

L'Auberge Du Beauvais, France (Final)
This is a very large map it was gonna be a bit of a tester map to get used to CoD2 editor, but turned into a proper map. It basically a big open area with a small village within center surrounded by a river. The big open area has lots of cover provided by trees,bushes,rocks and other things.
The map is mean to set be around dawn time of day, hence its a dark map, with lots of "mist" rising from the river.

Dropzone (Final)
This version of the map (considered "Final") features an accessible church tower, along with added compatibility for Capture the Flag.

Battlelines (SD Fixed)
This a remake of Battlelines from UO . Its wider and has been played many times . There are two trenches one on each end of the map. Inbetween them are a lot of craters. A great sniper map but if you can reach the other trench with a automatic weapon you can easily slaughter all snipers and any others there.
This map supports DM, TDM, CTF, and SD.

The Ilu
This is a very simple map you have a small river in the middle with a bunch of trees ,bushes, and small hills on both sides.
This map supports DM TDM CTF and S&D.

This map excels in terrain, texture and brush work, layout, and versatility (it's available in all CoD2 gametypes).

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