Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #87
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

Backcut A4a
From author Jakkarra

- Totally streamlined Stage 1:
-ade a huge portion inaccessible to the players, in order to focus and channelize the gameplay (to reduce confusion upon the opening of the map).
- Improved flow in Stage 3:
-Added another bypass.
-Shortened an existing bypass.
- Lots of small decorative (props, lighting, texturing) improvements throughout.

The Capture Points map; 2Port.

CP Captive
By author 'Bacon Sandvich'.

Release Notes, RC3
-Improvements in visual detail and FPS
-Added Selentic's roof snow models
-Closed windows on mid cabin and removed some walls to make it less of a deathtrap
-Changes have been made to CP2 to make it easier to push in from mid:
*Raised cap area
*Added ramp and shortened the upper platform overlooking the capture area
*Widened the doorways for both side routes from mid
-Added small ammopack between CP1-CP2
-Modified tonemaps to improve contrast

Simple-red's must cap single blue's control point, but it is not so easy. Heath and ammo you can find also in water and near control point
CP is capturing vury fast that's why blue must watch them also blu can build ON A DOUBLECART, just reach it and you can build your sentry and dispencer at midlle if that thing and it will move when you ride it red's have 20 minutes to cap it and blue's have 2 minutes to prepare before game starts.

The real deal of seals.

CP_Strike A1
An A/D map with the layout A > B+C > D

The map is basicly a high tower, situated in a small forest looking area, with four floors. At each floor there is a controllpoint. First either team capture the TOP controllpoint then they work their way down the tower and the first team to cap the FLOOR-point will win. However, To cap a point you MUST own ALL controllpoints above.

Strangemodule's final bsp submission for the CTF Mapping Contest.

A familiar game-type with a fun twist! Your team needs to work together to carry the enemy intelligence from your base deep into the heart of the enemy base over deep death pits, across narrow walkways, past super-secret computer think-tanks, and into a giant doomsday device situated within the center of each base! Should you reach the end, your presense will prematurely set off the enemy doomsday device, killing many of them and damaging their infrastructure irepparably. However, be careful: They want to do the same to you!

Release candidate 1 of DataTraveler' map.

RC2 from 'Icarus'.

koth_Desert Ruins
From author Shigetoshi (AKA Sadahige).

First release of Egypt-themed koth map.

Everybody's favourite-to-tolerate map now in King of the Hill Edition by reasonably popular request!
Features several detail changes to aid navigation to be implemented in the next beta of the ctf iteration.

Alpha 1 of Ninjilla's new koth (better than last time) map.

3rd Version of Murderball 2010
This is a remake of the epic TFC map "Murderball" created by TheDreadedPyro/Chris Thorsten.
No Control Points or flag-capping in this map! This map is the real deal... classic Murderball-style!
The objective:
Run to the center of the map and grab the ball. Try to keep it as long as you can! You can go into any of the bases with it, but everyone will know your location. Your team will gain a point for every 10 seconds you hold the ball. The ball will return to the center of the map when dropped.

PL_Forestry Comission Alpha 1
Very first playable Alpha of Forestry Comission.

The map follows a cp-hill-cp gametype. A team may win by capturing the other teams final control point, or if they hold the hill until the It appears as though there was a minor issue with the forward spawns, CP skins, and kill triggers.

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