Far Cry 2 Map Pack #17

To install the maps put the .fc2map file into this folder.
C:\Documents and settings\My Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps
C:\Users\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\user maps

Included Maps:

Get A Way
This is a very big map where you can do anything: there are hills for snipers, a Dogon village, a little jungle, the desert, a fort, two small towns connected by a bridge and more ... This map is playable in all game modes.stle.

The Container Harbor
This map contains an island on which you can find a small castle with a tower for sniping and, of course, a big harbor area. There are mounted emplacements for defensive purposes and a selection of boats you can choose to use on the lake around the island.
This map is a good place for snipers, but also features great close quarters battles. While one team controls the harbor, the other one controls the castle.

Tree House
A far cry 2 deathmatch placed in on of Angola's forests. The map is a set of decks connected to a tree, forming a tree house. first use was to reaserch the wild life in the forest but due to coming war and gun fights, the place has been abandoned.

OilRig is a small map for the fast ones of you in Far Cry 2.
I played this new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 title and found myself on a very small but funny map. Close spawning and intense fighting on a very small ground, an oil rig.

Fishing Village (1.0)
It is small town in the middle of water surrounded from rock.
The map is nicely winding what makes the plays exciting.

Pipeline (1.0)
This is an old, abandoned city on the edge of a pipeline that goes across the savannah. Both teams have moved into position on the edge of the settlement and are now waiting for the signal to attack.

Usine portuaire (1.0)
For this map, I wanted to be inspired by the atmosphere of stalker by making an abandoned, dirty factory and with and rainy weather report.
The map offers the possibility of playing on some level by climbing on pipes, the factory and the silos
All the modes of games are available.

An old abandoned train station in a small canyon. A good possibility to choose a sniper rifle.;-)

Harbour was designed for multiple gametypes for Far Cry 2.
I was inspired by a postcard. It has shown a nice harbour with a castle behind it, surrounded by a small mediterrain city.

Stargate command ramped up
This far cry 2 map is baased on the TV series Stargate SG-1 i built the SGC as good and as big as i could because in the series it goes down 30 levels but mine is only 5 levels. if you go through the Stargate in the SGC you will end up in a pryiamid on A WHOLE NOTHER PLANET and there, is a big world it has the UFLL base with secert tunnels going to it (USE THEM) and a nice little fort that you can only get to by using the tunnels.
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