Day of Defeat: Source Map Pack
How to Install Maps:

Extract content to the correct folders as per the following example:

* .BSP Files:
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\< Steam account name >\day of defeat source\dod\maps

Included Maps:

Dod_strand is a faithful source conversion of the original dod map, dod_charlie. It's the same map you used to know and love (or absolutely hated). Axis can use mortars to inflict extra damage upon the invading doughboys. The Allied forces must destroy the four Axis strongholds. Up to 32 players are supported.

here is a new version, detailed, and bigger of dod_charlie_source.
Author detailed bunkers, added a back place with new objective, made the craters deeper and easier to hide in, added usuable mortars in the map, press enter to fire, added a Mini Map to help people navigating in the map.Also added new spots for cover and a Left Flank for Allies to get up the beach mor easily.

Allied forces have been using a winery as a temporary stronghold. As the Axis forces try to eliminate the Allied HQ, reinforcements from both sides fight to secure the estate and surrounding area. The Allies must defend the supply crates and the half-track.

Version 2 it's not an update of dod_omah_v1 it's a complete another map.Map contains a plane moving on the map and bombarding :)
The gameplay is better than dod_omaha_v1 and contains 32 spawn.

This is rc3 of coire, earlier release was called dods_chemille

Changelist :
-Redesigned axis spawn, easier to navigate
-Added one additional spawn exit for each team
-Implemented new spawn-protection
-Some changes to inside areas, easier to navigate
-Lower filesize
-New 3d skybox
-Further optimizations
-Added seagulls and tons of ivy!"

This is the final version of a dod_anvil (a Day of Defeat:Source map). Allied soldiers are trying to capture a small French town near the Falaise Gap in an attempt to cutoff the remainder of the German forces attempting to escape the Cotentin Pennisula. German Infantry have been sent to the rear to hold off the allies so the remainder of the German Army can escape to the east. It's the beginning of what will soon be called "The Miracle in the West.

-HEAVILLY OPTIMIZED, EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Expect a 30+ FPS increase from B1 and a generally more optimized map (much thanks to Dustin Diamond)
-Fixed bridge capture point
-Anemia now has 32 player spawn points
-Increased length of capture for allied first
-Fixed numerous exploits
-HDR -final compiled (known Valve texture issues when running with HDR)
-Fixed navigation out of allied spawn
-COMPLETELY BSPZIPPED map, simply extract and you're ready to play

dod_kolsch, is by now legendary. It is a wonderful example of what can be done with map customization taken right up to its playable limits.

The map has an urban village style map with a river/canal in the center, has alot of enterable buildings and really cool positions to utilize as well as a small undeground tunnel system used to chanel water, the map will allow long distance and close quarters battles.
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