ArmA 2 Map Pack
This package is a collection of twenty maps for ArmA 2.

Included Maps:


Chesty Puller
The 27th MEU prepare for invade and liberate Chernorus from the brutaly regime of Chedaki and help to CDF to defend the young democracy in this ex-USSR republic. A young marine officer - Lt. Robert Shelter - is waiting for his first combat assignment to follow his father and elder brother who fought in Kolgujev, Freya and Afghanistan.
This campaign is focused to the regular infantry combat with armored and air support. This is not the Razor Team's story.

Operation Cobalt
Set during the events of Harvest Red, the player takes on the role of Peter Novak, a Private in the CDF. Akula Lopotev has seized command of the Chernarussian Communist Party in a violent coup and renamed it to the Movement of the Chernarus Red Star. He has declared war on the current Democratic government of Chernarus, and began a campaign of 'ethnic-cleansing' to rule out his competition. At first the CDF could contain it, but the ChDKZ slowly grew until they were overwhelmed. The President sent out a call for help, to which the United States sent the 27th MEU to Chernarus aboard the USS Khe Sanh.

Russian Revenge
This campaign is based on how the Russians trusted the ChDKZ and drop to war to Chernarussia. Based on one of the Harvest Red BIS original campaign ending. In this campaign you could take several roles like crewman, spetsnaz operative, MVD operative, soldier, sniper etc.

AMS Roter Stern
The first part of the campaign deals with that what could be passed, namely to the war ChDKZ against CDF and her government before the

invasion of the USMC on Chernarus.
As an officer of the ChDKZ you must be able in 4 missions to lead the ChDKZ to the victory.
However, to the contents of the remaining episodes we would like to abstain at this point, because the Outro gives a look on it.

SAS Task Force Black
An 8 mission campaign following the actions of the SAS Task Force Black as they attempt to track down and eliminate a fundamentalist terrorist group in Chernarus after the US intervention.

After the Cold War, Chernorus betrayed Russia and left her in a very ungreatful way. The Chernorus people never said a single 'Thank You' because Russians lead them out of the dark ages (into the Soviet style communism). After the separation, Russians was busy with their own problems. Chernorus used this time to build up a pro-American economy from their oil reserves and caviar fished from the Black Sea. The USA - of course - supports them much better then Moscow and the Chernorus government - when their economy and Yankee-like army was ready - started a very aggressive and provocative policy towards Russia. They never gave citizenship to the Russian national minority and they declared them to be secondary citizens or slave people. The anti-human attacks against Russians was daily in the Northern part of Chernorus.
President Medwediev started his own 'War on Terror' in Chernorus.
This campaign is focused to the regular infantry combat with armored and air support. This is not a Spec Ops or pilot campaign.

Chernarus en llamas
6 missions MP campaign completely in Spanish.

PMC Chernarus cmp
This is first ever user made campaign for ArmA 2 called PMC Chernarus cmp. Player takes the role of Marine Force Recon team leader. Missions vary from HALO jump, reconnaissance to direct action mission to support other friendly units.
There is enough cutscenes and missions to make this an average sized campaign regarding OFP/ArmA standards. There is no character spoken storyline, the campaign flow itself is the storyline here.

Dogs of War
You take the role of different soldiers in USMC in this campaign. Helicopter pilot, Spec Ops unit, tank platoon commander and so on. A kind of like OFP:CWC.
This is a fictional campaign of conflict between insurgents, Russian and US in soil of Chernarus.

The Serpent
In September 2012, relations between the nuclear powers to glow like never before in the XXI century. Against the backdrop of saber-rattling and aggressive disputes diplomats have fallen sharply, oil prices. All this could not affect the Chernorusskom conflict. Smashed on the head chedaki again intensified and went on the offensive. In the case once again had to intervene CDF Airforces ...

SP missions

The enemy ahead of us is getting taken out this morning. Armored and Infantry units across the whole frontline will advance to force a breach of the enemy positions to the south.

Afghanistan city patrol
U and more will patrol a area every time its a different patrol route and every time the battle is different.
It's a big battle, it's not about if you get attacked but about when and how also there are a few helicopters and tanks involved they will come when the battle breaks loose.

A Good Night Surprise
It is the year of 1995. Russian is at a conflict with Chechnya.
This is your first mission in Chechnya, as a Spetsnaz operative.
You and your team must clear several heavy guarded Insurgent areas and reach the extraction point.

AH-6 LittleBirds BigBattle!
Yesterday, we have successfully attacked and destroyed several heavy weapon factories of the Guerrillas Army. Informants report that the Guerrillas are now planing a counter attack with a massive flying army.They will kill and destroy every US troup they encounter. Our outpost has to be defended at any price!

23:59 (0200-0600)
You play a member of the Special Intel Unit (SIU) codenamed Knight. The mission takes place in March several months before the US invasion. You have been sent in to find out the details of a weapons deal and stop it. In typical 24 fashion all is not as it seems and as the day progresses you must uncover the truth.

A Different Kind of War
Force recon is tasked with eliminating elements of an insurgent poppy seed smuggling operation north east of Krasnostav. A recent upsurge in insurgent activity in the Northern quarter of Chernarus has been linked with poppy farming activities in the area north east of Krasnostav. Poppy seeds are exported to Utes for use in the manufacture of the drug heroin destined for Europe and the Americas, and we estimate that as much as thirty percent of world poppy seed production takes place here in Chernarus. This illegal drug trafficking is financing a large proportion of the insurgency, and it is expected that interrupting their supply chain will severely inhibit their ability to procure new arms, armaments, and personnel for use in their campaign against US forces in the South.

AA Team
You play as a spetsnaz operative that has to sneak his way to Balota Airfield and shoot down a CDF chopper that is carrying troops to the front. If all the remaining CDF squads have been transported to the front, you lose. If you shoot it down, you have to get to the extraction point to win.

A Different Kind of War II
As the insurgency on mainland Chernarus intensifies, it is clear that a key source of finance for the insurgents' operations is the illegal manufacture and export of opiates. The recent elimination by Force Recon of insurgent poppy seed production facilities North east of Krasnostav has impeded the smuggler's activities, but drugs continue to flow out of the region. We believe the drug smuggling operation to be centered around the Russian-controlled island of Utes, just off of the Chernarussian coast. Force Recon is to infiltrate Utes and strike at this drug manufacturing center.

Airbase Palenie
Orchestrate the downfall of airbase palenie, any way that is available to you. Lure and ambush the defenders; launch a sneak attack on the heart of the enemy's operations or just 'spectate' with the rifle of your choice whilst you call in the air cavalry.

Armoured Recon
You travel around the map in your APC to different places engaging enemies of your choosing with your squad. The mission is modified with the various dialogs. You are a private and follow your squad leader. Mission is customizable. You can choose your APC, your soldier class, the opposition side, number and types of friendly and hostile forces, time of day.
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