Left 4 Dead Map Pack #10

How to Install Maps:

Installation paths may differ based on your system configuration.

Place the .bsp and .nav file in your Left 4 Dead maps folder.
This is normally - C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps\

Play the custom map or campaign.
Open console ~ and type "map map_name".

Included Maps:


Fright Train
Fright train is the story of 4 American tourists in Glasgow, Scotland,
and their struggle to get to Central Station for the final train out of the city - and to safety.

It have 3 maps in dungeon like silent hill style and some forest .in map - meds (3 level) you start in sky and fall, dont know why,use noclip for start normal.

The Agony of Mankind
When the last day of humanity is on their door step, the survivors must escape from the agonizing city to extend their lives... For a while.

The Woods
A campaign with three simple maps set in the woods. Updated again. The finale rescue is now working.

Sub-rail Station
Survivors arrive to an abandoned underground rail station used by the military as an outpost. To escape, the need to turn the generator on. It turns out to be a huge mistake... One large survival map for your playing pleasure.


Mansion survive
A copy of cs_mansion from Counter-Strike 1.6, but just for Left 4 Dead for survival mode.

L4d_sv_deserted is a new and fun survival map for L4D which pins the survivors in the middle of a wooden fort in the middle of a busy zombie-filled intersection. With plenty of ammo, pipe bombs, and molotov cocktails around killing zombies wont be a problem.

The Lakehouse
New to mapping, this is the beta. Not much story to it, so many dead bodies with the virus have been in the lake that the water has become toxic, and will inflict damage upon whoever is in it.

Jail Breakout
After being arrested for crimes unknown, Francis is forced to serve time in prison. Louis, Zoey, and Bill make the choice to break Francis out once word is out that a virulent infection is spreading across the world. Unfortunately for them, the breakout...

Street Fighters
urvivors leave Urs city behind. Now they come to army checkpoint where they have to turn on lights to start their own last bastion.

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