Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #93
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

The SCARE mode is added
It is rectified an error at soccer start
It is improved map orientation
It is added 2 ways to do achievement
System and private rooms to farm achievements (for blue team)
System Idle (achievement Idle)
Add more bot (19 bot + 1tf2 bot)
Bot attack 2
90% Achievement for all class
Zone Cube soccer
Training rocket jump
Training for the sniper (shooting on a bird)
3 secret zone
PL payload
cp Control point
ctf Capture the flag

An alpine themed arena map by Spank.

Deep within the industrial areas of Vladivostok, Russia, there is a small ammunition factory. Recently there have been sightings of fighting around this building as Red Square and Kosmos, subsidiaries of RED and BLU try to boost their efforts elsewhere by owning this factory.
Part of the TF2 World Domination project!

cp_cataclysm is an attack/defend control point map with a A>B+C>D format. It is set within a RED "Hydroelectricity facility", and features a mix of open combat arenas and underground base combat.

From author Doppler12.

From Tyker.

cp_Foreshock A2B
Assault CP map that features two rounds. The second round having three capture points, forward spawns, and moving piston. Pistons shall remain in the map until beta when I am confident they either stay or are removed because they affect game play too much.

From author 'Moose'

Flee. And become a master at it.

A chance stumbling into a hidden cache of Egyptian treasure has caused excavation and demolition to occur (reliably!) in every temple, ruin, pyramid and weird dog statue known to man by orders of Redmond Mann. Upon finding they had plundered every last bit of gold they could, leaving archaeologists and tomb raiders disappointed for the next five decades, the higher-ups at RED felt the most logical way to progress was to look for where all those uppity pharaohs got their gold in the first place and just start drilling gigantic holes into the catacombs of the ruins they plundered...

This is a part experiment map involving moving parts.

Picture it; Florida, mid-1960's.
Two companies, Builders League United and Reliable Excavation Demolition are working together on a secret rocket launch to test several new anti-missile defenses they have developed.
They developed these defenses and the rocket launch site together, as the CEOs of these companies wanted to try working together...just once. After a close call with several suspicious locals in the area, they moved all the scientists inside of a new high-security wall, leaving a lot of scientific equipment and two break rooms outside to decay. As the projects developed, however, both companies decided they wanted the entire compound to themselves. Ironically, both CEOs made this decision at the very same moment. So, after evacuating the scientists, nine mercenaries from each team were sent in to do some acquiring...

KotH map where the point sits on a platform that rotates after each cap.

vanguard goes a1!

A 3 stages payload map (goldrush like) with some CP in stage 2 and 3 to allow the cart to continue moving on its path.
The map is taking place in a Angkor-like temple/jungle.

Fix # 2 Fixed small texture gap on bomb doors. Fix! Fixed trigger that wasn't firing.

This is remake of Climb map . It uses the same name, and I used the layout as an inspiration, but it's totally different. Anyways, tell me what you think, and leave some suggestions for the next stage!

It's called stonewall, and it's a single stage payload map set in a gravel-pit-to-be that was abandoned during construction.
Decades ago, Zepheniah Mann died, his dream of building gravel pits across America going mostly unfulfilled.
This is one of those gravel pits.
Stonewall Canyon, a glorious example of what happens when your employer dies while you're in the middle of building something for them.

Payload Well with roll backs and roll forwards. Red Rocket lifts off when Blue wins.

Alpha 3 changelist:
-Rebuilt track layout near mid.
-Fixed all problems with doors.
-Added another window in 2nd floors building near spawn.
-Changed healthkit size from medium to big, in building behind the shack.
Size: 175.37MB
Downloads: 109
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