StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #2
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft: Wings of Liberty .

Included Maps:


Mech City
Far into the future the earth is covered in layers of structures built upon the ruins of past cities. Upon these installations you will be engaged in a war for Data. Your team must collect 10 Data units in order to achieve victory.

Sc2 n' Sc1 PLUS
Play a standard One vs One melee match as terrans on blistering sands using all units in the data editor.
This includes all: Multiplayer Units Campaign Units Mercinary Units

Primemovers zone control
A fast paced, territorial control map. 4 teams of 2 vie for control of 64 zones, which, when held, spawn units and grant resources to upgrade. The objective is simple; kill your enemies' dudes. 6 unit types (3 ranged, 3 melee) gives you choices to fit your play style. Further customization is possible using a secondary specialization system.

Secret Dominion Base
Intel suggests there is a secret dominion base in this gorge. They may be experimenting on the Zerg. find out what they are really up to and put an end to it.

Urban Special Forces (Default and Hero Modes)
There are now two versions of the map you can download, one for Default mode, and one for Hero mode. In Hero mode you start out with one of 6 heroes from the campaign that level up as you and your allies kill enemies.
No timed enemy upgrades, much more upgrades, new Urban map. Armor/Weapon/Health upgrades can go up to level 100 and cost 500 minerals each.
Special upgrades typically also cost 1 vespene gas, gotten by conquering areas of the map.

Elite Operations
This map is a 4 vs 4 Aeon of Strife style battle arena.
Each player has control of one hero, and the primary objective is to help your computer ally destroy all 3 Planetary Fortresses on the opposing team's computer.
Spells: All players have the ability to choose 5 out of 15 spells at the beginning of the game. The first two spells will be available for immediate use and the third, fourth and fifth will be available as your heroes level up.
Equipment: Your hero must be near an Armory and must not have the "In Combat" debuff in order to swap equipment. Some items have requirements that must be met before they can be equipped.
Talents: There are three talent trees. Combat, which makes the hero generally tougher and capable of putting sustainable hurt on the enemy. Tech, which grants the ability to use certain vehicles as well as increases the effectiveness of all vehicles. Stealth, which increases the ability for a hero to assassinate a target and escape quickly...

There are two teams consisting of 5 players. 1 person on each team controls a Hybrid with various abilities while the other 4 have access to the units and upgrades of each race. The objective is to kill the enemy team's Hybrid. One team is stationed on the West platform while the other is on the East platform. Hybrids cannot enter either base and one team cannot enter the other team's base. Buidlings inside the base are invincible, and builders may not leave the base. Each of the 8 standard players starts with a Command Center, an SCV, and a nearby patch of minerals. It takes 90 seconds to mine the field and gather 100 minerals, which are used to upgrade and create higher tier production buildings.

Infested Zombie Attack
Zombies Drop grenades, med kits, or spider mines -inventories located on top of Command Card -grenades do splash damage -spider mines arm in 3 secs -med kits heal 50 hp -you slowly regen shield, so stay away from creeps for 10 secs to regen -pick up items by clicking on them -watch out for stray zerglings -zombies get slightly stonger each wave.
UPDATE 2.0:: i added more doodads and a boss fight! -also now you get points (minerals) per kill -i changed Raynor to a Marine -added a shield instead of health regen -more updates to come!

Set on the world of Endemic where the war between the three races has once again ignited. There was a time when a lush forest swept across the entirety of the planet but as war rages on, the land has started to become scarred with the wounds of conflict. Endemic has been built for 1v1 action and houses starting points to the north and south. Each starting point has the standard eight mineral nodes and two Vespene Geysers. A natural expansion consisting of another eight mineral nodes and twoVespene Geysers can be found relatively close to the starting points, to the west of the southern and east of the northern points...

Heart of the Swarm #1: Bad Hair Day
By now I'm sure you've all beaten Wings of Liberty and bragged about it online or offline, so I can't spoil it for you. I'm sure you loved the ending, with Jim carrying Sarah off into the sunrise. (After it RAINED on CHAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!) However, if you're true fans (and I know you are) it still left you craving for more. And like me, you simply cannot bear to wait a half-decade or more before Heart of the Swarm comes out.

Stay Alive!
STAY ALIVE Based on warcraft 3 map. Try to survive as long as you can. Starting guide: Go to a corner wall yourself off, than build research lab and research life regen and armor. You can find more detail guide in the game by pressing F12. Old version played by Philippwofl: More information in the game, just press f12 in the game.

Impossible Scenario Quantum
You must clear every scenario thrown at you where you have very limited units agaisnt big army. Good luck!

Multiplayer maps

Urban-Control 2vs2 Multiplayer map.

The Guardian's Stand
This is a 2v2 melee map, you and your teammate share a rich expanse that is easily defendable, tight quarters offer quick and tactical gameplay.

Forggoten-Island 1vs1vs1 Multiplayer map.

Dry Season
Weather is too hot. Water is gone. The air is filled with dust. The heat of war reaching highest limit. Who's going to come out as the winner?
1x1, 2x2, FFA map. 2 bridges to cross. Risky high yield. 4 Xel'naga towers to control any enemy moves over the bridges.

Lobo and the Preserver
2-player 1on1 map Playable 144 x 120 Full 160 x 144 Overview: A clean urban themed map with an interesting set of expo choices. If you like panda bear guy you will love this map.

The HotSpot
The HotSpot 1vs1 Multiplayer map.

This map started out as a proof of concept creating varying water levels and have the water cause damage to units. It has turned into a fairly fun map for me and my friends.

Midnight Action
Simple 1vs1 map. Easy defendable natural. High ground 3rd.
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