ArmA 2 Map Pack #2
This package is a collection of twenty maps for ArmA 2.

Included Maps:

Co-op missions

The Beachhead Co-10
You are a Force Recon team that has to prepare and participate in a beach landing on Utes.

Operation Cut throat Co-04
Faced with a humanitarian disaster in Isla Duala, exacerbated by a complete breakdown in civil order and the growing influence of Al Qaeda in the area, the United Nations have created a Joint Task Force (codenamed Savior) to restore order to the area.At the spearhead of this Task force is a newly formed Special forces unit codenamed Zulu , the unit consists of only 30 men made up from men and equipment from UK, NZ and Australian SAS, US Delta Force, US Navy Devgru and the 160TH SOAR.
Operation Cut Throat is part of a major offensive against the Muslim extremist group The Brothers of the sword. Your team of operators are to HALO insert deep into enemy territory and destroy the enemy's primitive communications network.

75th Rangers In Iraqi - Operation Red Blood Co-25
- Fort Benning's 75th Rangers have been tasked with securing a Blackhawk's crash site, while doing recon over the city they were shot down by an RPG. HQ has requested the 75th rangers go in and secure the Blackhawk's wreck and destroy it.
- You will also be tasked with securing the city from insurgents, our UAV has confirmed sightings of infantry over the roof tops that are armed with AA and RPGs, along with infantry and technicals patrolling the city and outer city limits...

A bad day in Iraq
We have located the position of the insurgent HQ from which they are planning daily attacks on British troops in the region. It is vital that you eliminate all enemies at the HQ and secure the area! We cannot allow these attacks to continue any longer!

Rouge Nation part1 Co-22
Rebels recently shot down one of our transport aircraft flying inside their territory over the troubled northern borders of Chernarus, where American forces are covertly aiding local troops in fighting separatist and communist insurgents.
It is reported that the plane was hit by small arms fire and forced to make an emergency landing at a small airstrip north of Krasnostav. U.S
Space Command s KH-11 satellites have confirmed the plane is at the location and that the plane appears to be in good condition and intact SAT intel shows us that there has been heavy traffic movement between the airstrip and numerous off site locations however they have been unable to clarify the exact location of the crew.Your team are to carry out a close target recon on the four camps marked on the map
Locate and return the missing four man crew from the aircraft to the field hospital at the Airbase and prevent sensitive equipment falling into the hands of our enemies by destroying the stricken C130.

Operation Foothold Co-08
Since early 2000 Isla Duala has been wracked by civil war and a severe famine, severe fighting broke out in Bolobongo, which has continued througout the following years and spread throughout the country,These wars led to the destruction of the agriculture of Isla Duala which in turn led to starvation in large parts of the country.The international community began to send food supplies to halt the starvation, However the Agreements for aid distribution with one faction are worthless when the stores have to be shipped through the territory of another faction.
Meanwhile, hundreds, if not thousands of poverty-stricken refugees are starving every day. Vast amounts of food have hijacked and brought to local clan leaders,who routinely exchanged it with other countries for weapons, Peacekeeping Troops have been shot, Aid ships attacked, hijacked and prevented from docking, cargo aircraft have been fired upon and aid agencies, public and private, were subject to threats, looting and in the worse cases gang rape and murder.

Abel Co-06
American forces are pinned at Windy mountain. We are defending a small town called Kozlovka. Intel reports that Russian forces could attack at any time between 12:20 and 13:00pm. We are but a small group of infantry and we have no armor so this mission will be extremely hard. Allied troops could also arrive at any moment so we are but hoping for the best. We are unsure of how many enemy soldiers we are facing but this is all we have left .

A l'aube du déclin Co-20
Two objectives, the elimination of a Russian officer and the destruction of a radar antenna AA.
At 05:30 am your group will para drop from a MV 22 Osprey in a small peninsula in the southeast.
Once on the ground you will have to regroup at a point where you can find a hidden weapons crate.
In a factory under construction there is a Russian Officer and you you must kill him.
More to the West of the first objective there is parked a mobile radar antenna ( your second objective) guarding the air close to the airport.
Go to the extraction point where UH-60 wait for you.

Op Killing House Co-10
Over the last few weeks a growing number of al Qaeda operatives have entered Duala from Yemen and Somalia and have established a renewed network with the Brothers of the sword that potentially threatens U.N assets in the region.
Intel retrieved from the captured airfield has revealed details of a meeting between the Brothers of the sword and an Al Qaeda cell from the Yemen. The close proximity of the meeting place to local housing has ruled out the possibility of an air strike.
Your team has been sanctioned to raid the complex where the meeting is being held and assassinate the 4 man Al Qaeda cell.

Red Mercury Co-13
You are a Taskforce team with the stressful mission to find and disarm a nuclear bomb in Chernarus. Attack two insurgent locations to find the info, then locate the nuke before a major city is wiped out.

Sp Missions

Airfield Tank Assault
Three M1A2 take on a special operation in Chernarus. The enemy has taken over an airfield and is flying in new forces regularly, along with taking over new towns.
Your mission is to patrol the area and drive them back as far as you can.

Behind Enemy Lines
You are a Force Recon team whose chopper gets shot down over hostile ground. You are alone and have to make your way back to base across enemy territory.

'Cipher' is a Arma2 mission fully based on scripts.
The mission development was centered around three central themes:
1.) Literally unlimited replayability providing unexpected encounters each time the mission is restarted.
2.) Let the player experience how awesome the AI and micro AI actually is that BIS has created for us and what I think is the most
sophisticated AI for home computer games to date !
3.) Give the player the possibility to explore and enjoy the gorgeous beauty of the Chernaurus map while immersed in a living
4.) Embedding all of the above into a plausible "story line" keeping a most enjoyable balance.
As a result, on one hand the mission concept is based on a relatively advanced AI 'engine' as a core system that I originally started to develop in the beginning of the good (golden) old OFP times and provides a full dynamic driven persistent AI.
On the other hand the "AI engine" (ADPI) provides sort of an interface so that it can be relatively easy adopted into a different mission concept.
So essentially 'Cipher' can be seen as a base module with a minimum content story wise, that just needs to be expanded to be a fully story driven mission. However this means, the story part still needs drastic scripting efforts not to speak of all stuff that needs to be implemented to have multiple and dynamic story lines working perfectly even in MP mode.

Listen up soldier! USMC High Command Base Intel division has detected enemy movement nearby, your mission objectives is on a ”need to know” basis. HQ grants you reinforcements ASAP!

Ambush on Highway 5
A platoon of 3-0 US soldiers with 2 m240 humvees are moving out on patrol outta Chernogorsk...

Assault Niznoyeh
The mission is simply to get to Niznoyeh, destroy a BRDM-ATGM and bug out.

Assault Pustoshka
It's simple assault mission with artillery available if you like. Also small tank platoon and 2 other infantry squads will be joining the assault.

All along the watchtower
The USMC are moving to clear out the Russian presence around Zelenogorsk and Green Mountain. Set in an alternate reality where the XM8 project wasnt scrapped, and it became the service rifle of the USMC, you will experience the harshness of war through the eyes of Cpl. Sheldon Grimes.

You are one man, sent to kill 15 leaders of the two countries that have invaded and destroyed your country.

Armoured Recon
You travel around the map in your APC to different places engaging enemies of your choosing with your squad. The mission is modified with the various dialogs. You are a private and follow your squad leader. Mission is customizable. You can choose your APC, your soldier class, the opposition side, number and types of friendly and hostile forces, time of day.


The Serpent
In September 2012, relations between the nuclear powers to glow like never before in the XXI century. Against the backdrop of saber-rattling and aggressive disputes diplomats have fallen sharply, oil prices. All this could not affect the Chernorusskom conflict. Smashed on the head chedaki again intensified and went on the offensive. In the case once again had to intervene CDF Airforces ...

The Jetpack Story
We are in the year 2009. Chernarus is a peaceful country. Your name is Churuktnov, a local villager, living in the small village of Bot, near his uncle Zastawaz.
You are unemployed and see no point in living, plus you are annoyed by your seemingly rich russian neighbours, who are living in a bigger house than you do.
Once upon a time you get a call from your uncle to come over to his place, because he wants to reveal what he had been working on all of his last 20 years.
You pay a visit to your uncle and see it: A surface-to-air vehicle, or also just Jetpack. Impressed from what you saw, you are eager to try it out by yourself, but you have to wait until the next day, to have enough time to take a deep look into all the features of the Jetpack.
As you come back the next day, you find your uncle dead, the farm burning and the Jetpack missing.
You have to bring it back-else everything your uncle worked on was for nothing.
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