StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #3
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty .


Zone Control Bel'Shir
This is a Zone Control Map with a very simple AI. It is rather a remake of the Zone Control Icecrown and the like from WC3 (since i don't know

the sc1 version). Playing the Game:
-Destroy units to earn minerals
-Build new Zone Controller (Pylons) in other Zones to spawn more units (the closer to the center the stronger they are
-Destroy all enemy buildings to win the game

MDH Base Defend
Unlike other Base Defense Maps, you Spawn as usual and have to Mine, build a standard Base and train standard Units to protect your Base.
Especially the Opening must be done almost perfect to stand against the early Zerg rush. You can choose from 3 Difficulties.
The objective is to defend the 5 bases marked by really big buildings and are placed a good distance apart. Enemies attack each base in waves and you must hold them off.

Standard Tower Defense
Standard Tower Defense based on Elemental TD
Current Version - Alpha 2.1a
-4 players
-2 Game modes
-Lots of Towers
-Upgrade system
-50 waves
-Elemental TD Layout

The Great Swarm Attacks 2.6
Team up with 8 players and survive The Swarm attacks. -Win condition- Kill The Queen of the Swarm. -Lose condition- All Libraries destroyed.

Destroy All Monsters v1.24b ( fully functional)
Created non-floating Tassadar model into a unit and added a few other units. I left his aura untouched, and he does change colors when he attacks, so people can either use these or remove these effects if they don't want them in the ACTOR tab EVENTS field.

Last Base Standing
Last Base Standing is a round-based base defense for 2-4 players.
You will need to defend your base from attacking creeps. If you will survive the attacks, you have to attack other player's bases yourself. Last one alive wins the round. Winner of 5 rounds wins the whole match.
When you kill AI creeps, you will increase the amount of creeps spawned to attack other player's bases.
You will have access to seven different units to use with bunkers to defend your base with. Game is very fast and the rounds last only couple of minutes.
So the challenge is in fast building and unit controlling ability.


Third Person Direct Control Battle in RTS Mode
The Third Person (TPS) Direct Control of a any Unit on the battlefield in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Mode with Role Playing system in

StarCraft 2!
You can control any unit on the battlefield with arrows from keyboard and attack enemy forces with your units around the map. Feel the Epic

battle of StarCraft 2 from first person :D
You can chose one of 3 StarCraft 2 races - Terran, Zerg and Protoss for you and your enemy

Take command of a marauder of your choosing and prepare to GET HEAVY.
Seven Player co-op or single player
There are 7 Marauder types for the player to choose from, Heavy, Laser, Chemical, Beam, Flame, Psionic, and Rocket.
-Heavy: Slow but strong weapon. High HP. Hardened Shields. Guardian shield. Plasma Blast (large targeted aoe)
-Laser: Extremely fast firing weapon. Auto-firing attack drones and auto turrets, along with the PDD. Can heal mechanicals.
-Chemical: Average weapon. Supports allies with fungal growth and transfusion while being able to spawn multiple zerg units. Dot enemies with

Irridiate and Fungal.
-Beam: Powerful long range single-target weapon. Can blink, Graviton beam, and deal damage in a straight line. Specializes in staying away
from the enemy.
-Flame: Close range flamethrowers that deal massive damage, complete with a fire nova and single target super-fire.
-Psionic: Short range, strong weapon. Has force field, vortex, and a large aoe dome of death and can stun enemies.
-Rocket: Medium AoE rocket weapon. Has seeker missle, yamato, spider mines, and grenades.

Zombie master
A Tribute to the Half Life 2 mod with the same name. Threw it together quite fast so it lacks a few things I may or may not fix
You are either a survivor or the Zombie Master who controls the hordes of zombies and traps on the map trying to prevent the survivors from escaping by completing the objectives.

Mini Games

Bomberman Classic
A bomberman clone. Place bombs (which explode in 4 directions), collect powerups, and destroy every opponent.

SCV Football
SCV Rugby Australia v New Zealand first team to get 56 points / 8 touch downs wins the game. u can kill the other teams SCV's they just respawn back at their goals instantly :) i also added a leaderboard for who has the most kills oh and it has a real football as the ball.. u get 11 scv's each and its 3 v 3 on a small map.

Super Baneling Tag
A team of Banelings must try to survive for 20 minutes while a team of Predators tries to kill them. The Banelings can build structures in a maze pattern to protect themselves, or just run around. If a Baneling dies, it is sent to jail, where it must wait for a teammate to rescue it. The predators win if they kill all the Banelings. Based on Sheep Tag.


An epic 12-player (3v3v3v3 or 6v6) melee map.

Chapter I - Zkhan'ghes
In the midst of battle you see a strange black glowning light moving a few feet of you around your soldiers. You rush over towards the light as your soldiers do not seem to see it. Once you get close enough the light suddenly starts growing in size and engulfs you. Darkness... only darkness lays before you... when you start hearing a gentle voice inside your head. This voice is no lowder than a whisper. "At midnight go to one of the planets poles. Once you are there ascende until you see a blue star in the emptyness of space and go towards it.Recover the relic." You suddenly wake up back on the have led your army to victory can't stop thinking about the strange voice in your head.

A 4 Player Melee map inspired by Blood Bath.

The layout is like the standardmap Metalopolis from Blizzard. I tried the best to make a map with a similiar layout. The Map is totally even (just some doodads here and there) and devided into 4 spawnpoints. Map is for 1v1, 2v2 or free for all. If u find any bugs or the gameplay is not quiet good please let me know. (use the commentsection below).

Pandora 1.1
This is a huge island based map with many ways of fighting, stunning visuals and a great atmosphere. Air units are superior here, but ground forces and usual harassment are also viable. There are many cliffs which will help you to launch covert operations on your enemies. There are 2 rich mineral bases in the middle and two Xel'Naga Watch Towers, which will help you to see whether your enemy is mining important rich minerals or not. There is a sexy loading screen which shows you 3 top strategies for this map!

Forgotten Ruins v1.2
Once an rich Protoss city, but now abandoned and left in ruins after the first zerg swarm many years ago. The abandoned city has come in interest yet again now that the protoss lost theire capital city. But due to its rich resources and its beautiful enviorment it has gain increasing interest from the Zerg and the Terran Dominion. So its about to become a epic battleground. Troops will once again clash in the narrow corridors of the city. The battle is about to begin who will win is for you to decide!

Big Game Hunters - Plus
This map is loosely based on the old BGH maps with new terrain features that allow for SC2 strategies. Hostile forces are used to stave off peon or turret rushes. Full blown Rushes or Cordinated attacks should not be effected as Hostile presence is light.

Big Game Hunters Elite!
One of the most popular maps on on the original Starcraft but this is much more fair and made for Starcraft 2!
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