Team Fortress 2 Map Pack #97
How to Install Maps:

Place the .bsp file into below directory (Normal install directory)
C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\(your account name)\team fortress 2\tf\maps

Included Maps:

Play this map the first you will use new funs models and animations of players.
Press F1 and F2 IDLE start
Press num lock 1-9 chose Class
In console +idle and +idle2 Idle start
In console -idle and -idle2 Idle stop
Press F5 you connect to Achievement Server #1 ( - By
Press F6 you connect to ffn Daddelpalast
Press F7 you connect to
Press F8 you connect to
press F rocket jump,pipe jump,and rocket jump With capture sentry for engineer
And many button....
You can use this map alone (to create a server in game)
and to make achievements, idle and to receive items.
Achievement zone : you can make many achievements to 80% for all class.
System idle: press F1, F2 and you idle, F3 stop idle.
Soccer zone: You can play football and water football if water include in the command centre.
Sniper duel zone: Training of the sniper and also it is possible against other the sniper.
Shoot at a tee punish the opponent
Melee zone: melee and water melee

my cat is evil :)

From author Tyker

This is a 3 CP push pull map. Pretty much has the same layout as koth_group_mountain_a8a, w/ following changes:
-added a sniper's nest in the long stairway.
-added new control points in the rooms above the spawn.
-added a new door to those rooms.
-Put lasers in the doorways and a trigger hurt that hurts the enemy team in those rooms. The trigger hurt and lasers are enabled as long as the enemy team doesn't own the middle point.

This map is a 3cp A/D like the artpass contest map.
Red team stole a blu oil rig in the middle of an alaska inlet. They brought a tanker to the place and managed to fill it with the monopod's oil. Blue team is attempting to take back the base and then blow up the tanker.

Beta 4 for cp_slupin.

Partially textured alpha of cp_zero. Currently there are 6 CP in 3 stages. A 7th CP is under construction, but the underwater one should feature the standard difficulty of a last control point.
Currently the first 3 control points may be biased in favor of offense whereas the others are not, but let me know if you feel otherwise.

Just an update! The aweome original 2castle level, revamped!
This update includes:
1) Trees, yes, now there is scenary to the level.
2) Sliding doors for each castle.
3) Interior design for each castle.
4) Flags on the flagpoles.
5) An easier, less eye irritating, sky. (Much smoother color)
6) Walls around the castles.
7) No annoying invisible walls ontop of the castles.

Hammered the basic structure of the map, threw some quick-'n-dirty displacements in the map itself and in the skybox, threw some temporary light in, and built cubemaps.

This map is closely based on the OLD tfc map "Corn Field", trying to keep the balance of looks and game play of the original and yet bring the map to TF2.

sexy turtles

CTF Frogger is a small CTF style map
-add'ed some sounds
-edit'ed the ground
-made the Cap area more noticeable

Spawn rooms have now been made. Its a new way of making spawn rooms, that for sure.
Basically almost every room has been color coded. And there are teleporters which are also color coded to match those rooms. For now the only reason for doing this is to know which teleport goes where.
This enables each team to choose where they "spawn" which changes the game play a whole lot.

Grup - cp version
cp version of turbine

Kakariko Village
This is a recreation of the village in Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Its a control point map.

-Reworked previous hill area keeping the base structure intact
-Added various effects around the map, namely to lifts
-Expanded middle building to be longer along the Y-axis
-Small changes to light color indoors to create a more noticeable contrast between in and outdoors.

Fixed area in tunnel where the bomb cart could pin a player to the displacements...

-tweaked health packs/ammo packs around whole map
-clipped off buildings around last point
-extended the catwalk on stage 2 point one to real the whole length of the building
-added custom chalkboard on map start
-blocked off second exit on stage 2 cap 2 red spawn.
-various tweaks here and there.

Fixed minor bugs
Removed rollback (from version 11)

The A2 of the first stage of my payload race map, cloud forest
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