StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #5
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty .



Zergling Madness v.2.0
This is my first little fun map. You had to kill the other Zerglings and upgrate your abilities. You win if you had 20 vespinegase.

Bunker Defense
Use marines and heroes to defend against wave after wave of spawning invaders in this turret defense style strategy minigame.
1-8 players.
Object: To prevent all enemy units from reaching the blue Xel'Naga Tower.
- Send your marine to a bunker to gain control of it. Click again to enter.
- You will receive one additional marine every 10 kills.
- You will receive one upgrade selector every 20 kills.

Vexal Tower Defense
- 43 levels, including bosses with special abilities unheard of in a WC3 Tower Defense.
- Some levels have special abilities, again, which were unheard of in WC3.
- Unique towers which were not possible with the WC3 editor, such as towers with the Carrier's Hangar ability, upscaled to store an unlimited
number of a variety of powerful units, or Sunken's ability to stack and uproot towers.
- Two unique races, Humanoid and Sunken. Sunken is currently a work-in-progress. The races are polar opposites in terms of play-style.
- Hero-Towers. Hero-Towers gain experience and level with kills, and are allowed to choose their own distribution of skill points, as well as
purchase powerful weapons to equip.
- Three modes of play: Full Team, Left vs Right, and Solo. More modes are currently in the works.
- Intense difficulty. You will not win your first try. You will not win your second try. You will need a full team of coordinated players
to make it halfway through my game.


IncomeWars Pro
This map is for everyone who likes IncomeWars style maps, but dislikes lag, imbalanced units, poor or boring terrain and brainless spamming of just one unit type!

Chuck's Treasure
Remember when puzzle games were simple yet hair tearingly fustrating? Games like Kye? Digger T Rock? DigDug? This is my attempt at such a game through the medium of Starcraft2.
Guide Chuck through a series of levels to find his treasure and make him a happy Ninja. 11 Levels 3 bosses and some premature ageing stand in your way.

Random Unit Wars
This is a remake of a StarCraft 1 legacy map. Each player starts with one "Automation 2000" unit. The player's objective is to destroy every other Automation 2000. At the end of the timer, each player is awarded a randomly chosen unit and a set amount of minerals and vespane gas. Units range from basic melee units to hero units. This includes workers, which can only build defensive buildings. Every upgrade is pre-researched for all players.

Builders and Fighters
Builders and Fighters is a remake of Builders and Fighters from Warcraft 3.All races now have upgraders! LOTS of bug fixes A new map! Added some resources to the middle of the map for the fighters to... well, fight over.

A new concept that is inspired by a combination of Unreal Tournament, Defense of the Ancients [DotA], and perhaps, most of all OMGDotA.

The Sky
Ever wonder what the city in the sky would look like in SC2?

Hard Counter
Unit Tester and Micro Trainer - Training Game included. Find the perfect counter for any opponent force and learn how to micro!
Build two armys (manual or random) and let them fight. Watch cost efficiency.

Third Person Direct Control Battle in RTS Mode v1.7
The Third Person (TPS) Direct Control of a any Unit on the battlefield in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Mode with Role Playing (RPG) system in StarCraft 2!


Temple storm
Single player mission with unit cap set to 400. Ai aint to great so created spawned units and given beefy defences to hopefuly provide some sort of challenge.

Heart of the Swarm #3: to Clone the Beast
here is the third mission. It starts with a fairly simple cutscene. You must bring Stetmann to each overmind terndril much like with Zeratul in WoL, but with one difference...

Striking the Hammer (HD Campaign pt 1)
A war has broke out, in the Dorano sector for control over it. Scattered across the sector, are 3 Exodus crystals, that when combined, would give ultimate power to the user. The Republic, a dictatorship, plan to use these crystals to strengthen their leader and ensure control. The Freelancers, a group of freedom fighters, plan to trade them to the Anerin' Combine Protoss for a quick profit, and to ensure their own freedom. You, must now choose to either stay loyal to the Dictator, or loyal to yourself.

Repulsion (HD campaign pt 2) - Striking the Hammer 1st
Second map in authors campaign.


Star Of Serenity
Quite a large map, can be played as a 1v1, 2v2 or free for all game. With an intricate layout and destructable rocks from the main to the quite hard to obtain second expansion, it leads to some sneaky play that can catch your opponent off guard.

Orpheous Station
Fight over a research station on this balanced 1v1 melee map. Particular attention has been put into both design and appearance very intricate attention to detail! 1 high yeild on high ground, 2 close by expansions, 3 lower ground expansions.

This map is my remake of a BW map used in the recent seasons of proleague. It is a 4 player map that supports 1v1, FFA and 2v2(top vs bottom) matches. The map is made in the PortZion texture set. Most of the terrain is perfectly symetrical.
Each main has an inbase expansion blocked by destructible rocks and another expansion down the ramp. There are also 2 gold and 2 island expansions between the bases.
Two Xel'Naga towers give view over the middle but they're pretty much useless if players dont spawn crosspositions.
The map is rich in doodads(like huge rocks) and has a polished texture mix. I have also added 2 pandabearguys and destructible mengsk statue in the middle.
There are courtains around the middle area and in each main.

Desert-Madness is a 4vs4 Multiplayer map.

Mar Sara Valley (Advanced AI)
A beautiful melee map with custom computer AI that acts like a human and talks to you throughout the game. Fun for practicing new builds or playing with a friend.
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