WH40,000 DoW - Soulstorm Map Pack #15

How to Install Maps:

Extract all files and folders to your installation directory by default "THQ\Dawn of war\W40KData\Scenarios\MP"
the directory structure MUST be kept in tact.


Cemtery Temple
This is a map playable witht route from one side to the other (at last, a two player map that probably can't be easily won with a rush!). The player who takes the temple has a distinct advantage and a platform for the use of artillery but there are plenty of other key locations of strategic value so you can never count anyone out! Warhammer 40K Dawn of War. The map simulates a temple on one of the Imperiums many memorial worlds where fallen heros have earned the right to be entombed (as opposed to "recycled"). Destroy the enemy who dares to set foot on such sacred soil!

Suburban Combat
The rebels have a well stocked supply depot located in the middle of small housing development south of our position. Unfortunately, an airstrike missed the dump and hit an adjacent house, killing innocent civilians. We cannot continue to incur civilian deaths in this campaign to root out terror on this planet, as we will lose the support of the local populace and our ability to win the war. Locate, close with, and destroy the rebels defending the depot. A constabulary squad detached prior to your arrival was ambushed and butchered by the terrorists, be cautious.

St. Victoria Spaceport
The enemy strike group has landed and is intending to seize the spaceport, thus ensuring a greater foothold on this planet. Do not let this happen! Orbital imaging shows civilian evacuation has left the runways littered with plenty of cover for your infantry units.

Calgaris Ceti III
It is set on an Imperial stronghold where "claense and burn" is in Order, it is set in a heavily Urban area.

New Eden
2 player map which looks really cool. Check it out.

Trench Warfare
This is a bit of a meatgrinder smile.

After disappearing 200 years in the warp, the world of Hadiburg has re-appeared. In the major city of Hamburg, lies an abandoned Adeptus Mechanics base. The enemy cannot be allowed to control this base. Headquarters has directed that you are to move out under a dawn bombardment. Your orders are as follows: 1) Secure the Bridge, 2) Capture the three building Adeptus Mechanicus Base, and 3) Sweep the enemy from the town.

This once propserous Imperial town was beset by the age old enemy within - Chaos. Obscene rites, spread over a number of dark moons, culminated in an eruption of spires from the ground and the elevation of a desecrated Temple into the sky. Aftershocks weakened the nearby dam, splintering it open and flooding the once fertile plain, washing all before it - including the Cultists. The ground still lies below the water, but jetsam and flotsam have built up above the wreckage of the road structure allowing movement between the various hillocks and mounds that survived the cataclysm.

Geneva VII
A large and destroyed City with "some" imperial corpses!

Wastelands (1.0)
The planet Valcar VII has been ravaged by a devastating warp storm which has lasted approximately over 23 years, with the storm now easing the Administratium, worried about the civilian and military population upon the world has sent forth off world convoys to search and determine the fate of those that lived there. Sadly though, not all is as hoped upon the planets surface, the once lush and vibrate landscape is nothing more then a cracked and barren wasteland. There is little to no indigenous life remaining to be seen. Worse though is that the planet seems to have been attacked. It is yet unknown, but the significant deployment of Imperial Guard that was once stationed here is decimated beyond belief. There is however a few survivors, and odd pockets of old settlements which seem to still be standing. It's a Wasteland down there, but why?


Fords Of Ultramar
These two great fords are the only defence between the attackers and the gates of Ultramar.

Jungle Canyon
The map simulates a jungle canyon on a distant planet. You and your team-mate must fight your way through the canyon and take the enemy position on the other side. There are also sufficient strategic points and critical points for a fun take and hold game.

Gardens of Cyreen
It turns out that the Exterminatus (full planet nukeular holicost) missed one small garden.

Mount War
The map is a giant +, or X if you prefer. Players start in the middle and can only be attacked from 3 directions. All walls, except the middle, have been designed to prevent units from jumping over. The middle wall is thin enough to jump over so as to allow access to the critical point. Assaults can be done through the middle but this requires using jump units to jump twice. This also means that once in the enemy base they cannot escape. I have not tested the use of artillary on this map but I have a feeling that any race with artillary will have fun firing over walls! This of course would then make it difficult for enemies to destroy your artillary weapons. All in all this should be fun!

Helmstraad Baslilica
The Helmstraad Basilica, a stop off in the path of the many pilgrims wishing to follow the footsteps of the Emperor lies in the centre of the

City of Helmstraad. The city has been layed waste by a long siege and has since been evacuated by it's civilian populace. The Basilica still remains a focal point for the city's defenders and attackers alike. This is the 4 player version of the map and is practically identical except for 2 extra slag heaps. It is suited for 2vs2 or 4 way free for alls.

Battle for Polia
This 2v2 map contains 18 strategic points, 4 slags, 0 critical locations, and 2 relics.

Frozen Wall
It had a problem with passibility near the top right corner of the map. Made the critical point look more important.

Emerald Hills
Thick green soup... Steganos V's twin planet Sith had vast forests teeming with radiated flora that causes the fog to glow bright green. Scans show this mosh pit has mineral deposits valuable to the enemy. Enemy recon has been spotted - troops will be here any minute. Let's go camping...

The Island
A 4 player map based around a king of the hill style game plan. Take the fortress on top of the mountain, own tthe relic, dominate the game. There isn't really a back story, just a fun cut throat match. Team play is possible, but it was not really intended.

The Black Mountain Ranges
This map is a 4 player map where each army starts in the corner of the map in a fairly defensive position. The start points are surrounded by mountains/hills that have small passes between them. Each quarter of the map is separated by a line of trees that are passable and provide heavy cover. There is a relic in the middle of the map placed in a break in the trees.

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