StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #6
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty .


Shades Of Grey - Mission 1
Nova is sent to investigate a zerg infestation around a BioDome, but will eventually experience the unexpected. Mission 1 of a multi-mission storyline.

Common Enemy
Project a big singleplayer campaign.

SC1 Remake - Terran Campaign
Slowly but surely, I'm recreating all of the original StarCraft Terran Campaign missions in no particular order. New maps, new textures, fresh look, original sounds, original decals, original Tech Tree with some variants, new secondary objectives to give the missions more substance and hopefully make it more challenging. Enjoy

Dark Origin Remake
This is a remake of the secret mission Dark Origin in Brood War. There's no ice tileset so I had to use Shakuras. This map features Zeratul (dark templar hero unit) as well as a bunch of Zealots and Immortals, 4 Stalkers, and 2 Colossi. You must find the stasis tanks to hear the diologue. Ultimately, you must reach the glowing purple tank at the very top of the map to see the Duran conversation and win the mission. Be careful though: it's guarded by Thors.

Veteran Ghost
First Mission: Raynor have sent a strike team to clear a dominion platform.Unfortunately the strike team have lost there Command Center so they weren't be able to train any units.Raynor sent a specialist Veteran Ghost to Locate there forces. If anybody found a bug or any new ideas for the mission tell me Veteran Ghost: He was a Ghost that was gifted by the protoss to have a prototype suit that supports him with shield.He was promoted by Raynor Raiders to be having better equipment.

Minigames/Base defence

Turret Defense 2011 -Pro-
-Flying ground units don't get blocked by ground units and buildings -Turrets cost 1 mineral, like Ghost[Yoon] and Canada`Bio intended -Fuck that guy -Its hella more difficult, as it was always supposed to be before that douchebag made it 10x easier -Spires don't die randomly.

Where's Waldo?
"Where's Waldo?" takes place in an industry and starport district of Korhal. It is rumored that Mr. Cameron Waldo, a spy for Raynor's Raiders, has acquired several incriminating pieces of evidence against Emperor Mengsk. Mengsk's soldiers must locate Waldo before he makes his way off-world.

The Great Swarm Attacks 3.1
Team up with 8 players and survive The Swarm attacks. -Win condition- Kill The Queen of the Swarm. -Lose condition- All Libraries destroyed.

Super Baneling Tag
A team of Banelings must try to survive for 20 minutes while a team of Predators tries to kill them. The Banelings can build structures in a maze pattern to protect themselves, or just run around. If a Baneling dies, it is sent to jail, where it must wait for a teammate to rescue it. The predators win if they kill all the Banelings. Based on Sheep Tag.

Defence of the Universe
This map is a map of AoS style.
-Two factions, Amber and Chaos fight each other and trying to figure out who among them are the strongest.
-You can choose from 6 unique heroes: Dark Templar, Ghost, High Templar, Marauder, Marine, Ultralisk. Each of them has a 4 different abilities.
-In the map offers the full classical mechanics AoS map with the new chips.

Infested Arena
You, along with three other companions, are being deployed into the Infested Arena. You will have to work together as a team to make it through each round. You will have to revive your fellow teammates when they become incapacitated. You will have to dispatch hordes of Infested as they relentlessly attack for 3 minutes each round. You will have to gang-up on Special Infested Units (SIU) before they pick you off one-by-one. You will have to spend your money wisely to upgrade your hero to fit each occasion. Good luck

A map where you play as the zerg and defend the homeland against the terran invaders. Features: Custom tech system Advanced voting system Advanced AI Soon I will add a lot more tactics, this is the beta so feedback and support is welcome!

Art of Defence Classic
A remake of the original starcraft "Art of defence" map. The point of the map is to survive all the attacking waves. The original was difficult and i am aiming for the same difficulty. It is fully playable but needs a bit of balancing. Amount of enemies scales with the amount of players. Upgrades normaly having 3 levels now have 127 levels.

Killer Wars Arena
Kill the other teams base.
You get spawned units to kill the other teams and heros.
You can mass all your units that are spawned with your Special Ops Masser plane and even pick the units your spawn from it.

Tic Tac Toe
This map lets 2 players play Tic Tac Toe. Winner is the first to win 3 games.
You can play with 2 people on the same computer or over!

Conflict: South-East Asia
Conflict: Southeast Asia Welcome to South-East Asia Commander... This is the newest in 'War' Category games, much like a WWII or Diplo map, except the enemy is the AI.

Adrenaline Rush Elite! Single player
Ultimate units. Ultimate powers. Dominate the center like a God! Single player. Computers on an attack run. A taste of the awesomeness of multiplayer. Special thanks to Berrala for the help.


Minigunners - Redux ( SC2 Edition ) V1
A huge multiplayer co-op Minigunner-game, complete with levels, bosses and different classes. This is a "remake" based on my original Minigunner Redux 4.1 for TFT, but this time on SC2 with better balancing and more classes.

V-Tec Paintball 1.0
Considered to be the pioneer of Paintball games, V-Tec Paintball, created by KnIgHtCoM, was a great game during the era of Starcraft. Like DOTA, this game spawned many clans, channels, servers, tournaments, and so forth. Although it may not have gained as much popularity as DOTA did, but it was definitely the DOTA of its time. V-Tec Paintball was a landmark in the custom games.Multiplayer

Close Quarters 1v1
A small 1v1 map. Each player starts off with a standard resource count, although the remaining expansions in the map only have half the resource count of standard expansions. This style requires that the player expands more often than usual and create a wide base, as opposed to clumping up structures in a large open area. It also requires that the player build more defenses to defend this wider base. Minimap on the loading screen is upside down. This is a known bug with the Mac Galaxy Editor.
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