Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #6
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder

Included Maps:


The British Isles
This is a single player map the includes most of the north eastern Atlantic. There are seven computers and it can easily be altered to accompany a group of any size. Frustrated that the game lacks the same real world maps that it's predecessor had, I attempted to recreate this one in particular. Although this is my first map I think it turned out quite well. Feel free to criticize it, as I have really haven't spent much time playing with races other than the English. Playable races include: English (British), Scots (British), Welsh (Germans), Irish (British), Normans (French), Dutch (Dutch), Vikings, (Russians), and Norse (Russians)...

The Great War Campaign: Preview: The Battle of Verdun
The Battle of Verdun is considered the greatest and lengthiest in world history. Never before or since has there been such a lengthy battle, involving so many men, situated on such a tiny piece of land. The battle, which lasted from 21 February 1916 until 19 December 1916 caused over an estimated 700,000 casualties (dead, wounded and missing). The battlefield was not even a square ten kilometres. From a strategic point of view there can be no justification for these atrocious losses. The battle degenerated into a matter of prestige of two nations literally for the sake of fighting..

The Great War: Prequel
The creator of AoE3 WW2: Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. But now, after two years, He is back to start a whole new campaign: The Great War.

American Revolution - Fight for New England
- Semi Based on the battle that took place in the Ameircan Revolutionary war the "war for independence"
that pushed the British out of America. Characters are based on the movie "The Patriot".

The Battle of Northwest Territory
The British have been trying to defeat the Spanish and claim the Northwest Territories for themselves. But the Spanish have held a heavy resistance. Plus with the Nootka and Klamath running around, it makes it even more of a challenge. So the British sent Robert. Robert is one of the best soldiers in the British army. He was sent with a squad of men to try and help. Instead they get hit by something unexpected.

The Great Colosseum
You may use any civ to play this map, the houses, stable, market, etc. will convert into the correct cultures. Computer players will also know how to play, however their power in late game seems to decrease dramatically (this will be fixed in the next patch hopefully), therefore I do not recommend using comps for p1-4 unless you have to. To win the game either control all of the territories or destroy all of the enemies' "Tower of Victory" in order to bring them defeat.

The Great Fort Wars 2
Two teams, 16 forts, over two thousand units on screen, one massive War. Here is the second part of the Great fort wars with loads of action.If you win download the file called "The Great Fort wars 3 (won)" and if you lose download "The great fort wars 3 (lose)".Enjoy!

The Great Fort Wars 3
The third part of a series called "The Great Fort Wars". In this scenario you are allied up with the Dutch and are trying to destroy the Ottoman Empire. Destroy, conquer and fight to claim victory. Enjoy
Important: If you have The Warchiefs expansion it is recommended to use it.

The Last Of The Mohicans (The Prelude)
This scenario is based on the Novel 'The Last Of The Mohicans'
The main characters in this map are:1)Hawkeye &
2)Major Darius.
In this map you will start at a small native settlement to the east of Fort Edward (Imperial Legion) and you will soon learn that Colonel Sellus Gravius(Webber) who is in charge there, wants to talk to you...
At the beggining of the map your units have no weapons do not panic you will find your gear later in the game.To talk to the respective units move Major Darius or Hawkeye ON TO (zero distance) the units you need to talk, It is suggested moving Darius.

1916 Irish Rising
On Ester Monday 1916 1,000 ICA and IRA men march trough Dublin. And on the steps of the GPO Padrig Pears read out the proclamation declaring Ireland a republic.

The Last Of The Mohicans (The Ambush)
This map is the extension of The Prelude.
You will start at Huson river soon u will notice at a distance soldiers marching followed by silence for a while then all of a sudden u here musket firing all three men set out to find what it was.

1453... Conquest of Constantinople
An exciting campaign along the shores of Bosphorus with the Ottomans against the Byzantines. Control the Bosphorus channel and beat the Byzantines behind the well defended walls. Look out for traps and find the weak points of the enemy...

Battle of Coast Road Hill
In a fictional world, a continent is being fought over by two warring nations. The Nation of Macerr, and the Republic of Epilson. You play as the Republic of Epilson, fighting to wipe out the country that unleashed a genocidal wave on one of your cities. Revenge fuels your soldiers. Will you have what it takes to defeat Macerr? The Battle of Coast Road Hill takes place across the Kalaa Channel, separating Macerr City from the rest of the continent. Macerr forces have retreated across the channel, and your forces are closing in. The battlefield is set at a large hill covered in trees and overlooking the channel. It is a tactical location, as a fort properly built on the hill could be artillery spotting for miles. You have a smaller army than before, as many casualties were taking in the assault on Macerr City. You and the enemy have established command posts. To defeat the enemy, destroy their command post on the opposite side of the hill. But watch out, as they will attempt to destroy yours. Good luck, and godspeed

The Malta Invasion
In this scenario, you play as the Knights of Saint John. You have been forced into retreat to your fort, the last sanctuary of the knights. For some unknown reason (this takes place right after act 1 in the campaign), Sahin the Falcon has returned to the Ottoman Empire, and is attacking Malta. He has betrayed Morgan! They were friends at the Battle of the Fountain of Youth, but not any more. Now that Alain is dead, captured and killed by the Aztecs after the Fountain of Youth is destroyed, Morgan is the new leader of the kights. Lead him and drive the Ottomans from Malta FOR GOOD.

Random map

Base Capture - Fort Ticonderoga
In Base Capture you have to capture all other enemy bases in order to win. In this scenario you are up against the British in the Siege of Fort Ticonderoga.

Pacific Islands
It is a very simple large map...with a Tropical rms style:
It has two trade routes running on 2 separate islands...
plus 4 natives tribes...the Caribs...and many Deers and Sheeps to hunt...and a few Silver mines...
and also a lot of resources.
Have some fun...

River Plato
This map has 1 rms styles, the Amazonia rms. It is a very simple large map, 632x632. It is a land map with a nice river in the middle.

Sierra del Oro V
Sierra del Oro-V is a new random map for AOE3 (the original or vanilla version), for Singleplayer or Multiplayer use. This map represents a desert mountain region of the SW US or NW Mexico. This is an all new design, with players roughly opposite but crowded slightly toward one end. Resources are standard, except that each player has only one nearby mine. All of the other mines are goldmines and are located in a rugged mountain area in the quadrant away from the player start areas. In a 1v1 game each player is equidistant from the 'Mountains of Gold'; in a game with more players the teams are equidistant but of course some players on each team are farther from the gold.

Thanksgiving is an all-new random map for Single-player or Multiplayer use. This map represents a 'New England' fall or winter (randomly chosen) with lots of turkeys for the harvest, with a few deer, plenty of forest and silver, and fish in the river separating the teams. The map is larger than most of the original, standard ES maps. As in the Amazon map, there is no land connection between the two sides.

The Alamo
It is a very simple large map...with Texas rms style...It has 1 super large forest in the middle: It has 4 natives Tribes...the Comanche... and a few Bisons and Deers to hunt.
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