StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #7
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


High Tide
1v1, 2v2, or FFA map where resources are abundant. Each player has a high yield near their base, but accessing it requires opening your backdoor.

1v1 meele map with a long ground attack distance that becomes shorter as rocks are broken.

Plains of Battle
A 1v1 map designed to challenge the players' tactical maneuvering skills.
Inspired by Steppes of War, this map was created to emphasise both tactical positioning and macro skills, stressing a macro oriented game.
Each expansion has it's benefits and drawbacks, so players must make smart descisions where to expand to win.

Axis of Industry
Axis of Industry is a melee map with four starting locations. The concept at heart of this map is a porous line of unpathable cliffs across the otherwise open center. The line (axis) creates a unique battlefield with different tactical opportunities for early, mid and late-game armies.

A 1v1, 2v2, or FFA meele map. A central watch tower allows vision for all major attack routes. Rocks can be broken to open up high yield mineral fields and high ground attack routes.

2v2 melee map for competitive play.
Main and natural within a stronghold. 2nd expansion beyond blocked backdoor. 4 watchtowers on central highground offer vision to key areas on the battlefield.

Minigames/Base defence

Platform Defense
Survive as long as you can. 1-8 Players online.

King Of The Hill Arena
This is a king of the hill map with a maximum of 4 players. Players will score points by holding the hill in the middle of the map.
- SCORE MODE - Under score mode the idea is to hold the point in the middle of the map until your selected score reaches 0, the first one to do this is the winner of the game.
- TIME MODE - In this mode a count down timer will start with the time you selected and this will represent the time until the end of the game. Each player starts with 0 points, you score points by holding the middle of the map. Once the timer reaches 0 the player with the highest score wins the game.

Income Wars
This is the original and famous Income Wars from
Spawn units to kill the cannon of the other team and increase your income.
- from 1 v 1 up to 3 v 3
- 1 v AI is coming back soon

Redstone Rampage
3rd person shooter game.
Pick one of nine units to use, all with special abilities
-Marine - Can stim and use combat shield for a short time
-Marauder - Can slow enemies for a short time and place turrets
-Ghost - Cloak for a short time and stun enemies
-Stalker - Blink and psi storm
-Immortal - aoe knockback and hardened shields passive
-Sentry - Can lift enemies into the air and create zealot hallucinations
-Hydralisk - Can debuff target to take more damage and can increase own movement speed for a duration
-Infestor - Fungal growth and spawns infested terrans, and burrow.
-Lurker - Generate creep and spawn creep tumor. Must burrow to attack. Lurker movement speed is greatly increased on creep.

Battlecruiser Wars
Control a battlecruiser to attack enemies and capture islands for spice. Spice allows you to upgrade your battlecruiser to gain an advantage over your enemies. Up to 5 players. Current version 2.0.

CTF Capture the Flag Teams!
Capture the flag! 2 Bases red and blue, its a 2v2 or 1v1 map. Choose your 3 units all with custom abilities. All units are givin 100 energy and thats what all moves cost. Each team has a Teleporter to get them out of there base quickly. In the back corners of the map are spawning Zerglings farm them for minerals, but you will be out of position if there to long. Capture the Xel Naga towers and gain map control without having to leave unit at tower. The game is fully playable, and updates coming everyday! we just addedupgrades so you can spend the minerals you get for killing players and zerglins, andcapturing the flag. When you capture the flag you become visible and can not travel in a teleporter, and you need to get back to your base and you can only score if your flag is there. It takes some good team work to pull of scoring. When your unit dies, it is put in "Jail" off the map and is moved to your respawn point in your base after 5 seconds.

Xenosteel's Super Defenders
-It's a Base Defense map. Build and defend against the zerg swarms.
-Default Starcraft 2 units and buildings, but they're 4x times stronger!
-Difficulty: Beginners to Experts
-1-6 Players
-Maximum unit supply automatically adjusts to number of players. You can play solo or with friends without problems!
-A.I Computer Players supported

Micro Wars Platinum
1on1 micro battle in 21 differend rounds of set challenges, like zergling rush vs a protoss base, protoss midgame army vs terran bio, etc.
Challenge your friends and find out who has the best micro or simply train for real game situations


Card Command
To win Card Command you must defend your base while destroying the bases of your opponents. To do so, you must collect energy from treasure chests that spawn around the map. Use the energy to play the cards which you draw automatically approx every 10 seconds. Cards add additional varied units to your army, provide defensive structures for your base, grants advanced upgrades for your units, spawn computer-controlled foes to harass your opponents, and provide a large variety of other effects (including an alternate win condition).
To get you into the game quickly all players start with an all-random deck. This allows you to get to know the various cards. However, you have the option to customize your deck with a specialized combinations of cards to implement various advanced strategies. Decks can be saved and loaded in later games. You can also change your deck during the game (with a slight penalty) to allow you to adapt to opposing strategies.

Magicsbane is a map set out in the world of bane where a phantom with armor and weapons made of pure crystallized darkness is trying to get his hands on the most powerful weapon of all: The Magicsbane, a blade made of the purest energy in crystallized form, able to slice through and destroy anything. Even Magic. You start as am Adept, The no-class Class.
As an adept, you can combine melee attacks with elemental spells, a bit like a very weak shaman in wow but in order to thrive, You have to choose from 1 of the TBA classes.

Paranoid Android
A try of updating one of aouthor's favorite maps of SC:BW to SC2.
The map isn't square because most of the buildings are one "unit" higher than their BW's counterpart, so in order to stay close to the original's area of construction, I had to do it taller than it should be.

Melee: single player offline (matches up on 2 on 2 battle with AI) Rivengard is a highly detailed, realistically rendered map set in the jwoodland planet of Haven. This is designed for fast and medium scale skirmishes ideal for rush and counter rush defense play.
FEATURE This map is set for offline play, just for people who needs to play skirmishes offline, to play simply ,double click on the file to open map editor and click on map test/run. please note that the game is set only for single player mode that pitches you on a 2 on 2 random race battle with and against AI (hard/very hard difficulty). tweak on the editor to set race or just restart the game to play another race

Counter Zone
I call this "Strategy Arena".
Imagine DotA with armies instead of heroes. You farm minerals instead of creeps. This means instant action team battle - a few click macro and lots of micro game. It is fast. You dont build any structures. But you can build unique boss units.
All three races and computer players of all levels available. So you can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or single player or coop against attack waves.

The Lab
Nine marines struggle to survive in an abandoned space laboratory. The grand experiment, a powerful Hybrid, has gotten loose in the facility
and cannot be stopped. The labratory is made to resemble a labrynth as well. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to the players.
-9 Players are marines. The objective is to escape from the laboratory.
-1 Player controls the Hybrid and any infested terrans/zerg that the marines may inadvertantly release.
The laboratory lights also flicker from time to time, giving the flashlight a use and the zerg a temporary advantage.
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