Crysis Wars Multiplayer Map Pack #25
How to Install Maps:

1 Go to your Crysis Wars level folder: -> Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis WARS/Game/Levels/Multiplayer/PS or /IA
2 Eventually backup a existing Level folder with the same name.
3 Extract the levelfolder from the downloaded archive if necessary by using an extracter such as 7-zip.
4 Copy the downloaded levelfolder into the PS or IA folder.
5 Start Crysis Wars
6 You can create a lan or internet server, put the level into the rotation and play.

Included Maps:


Arabic City - 1.0
A medium sized combat map set in a fortified arabic town.
-Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis
-New objects
-Arabic Style
-Good for 4-32 players

Dust - 1.0
A custom recreated version of the popular counter strike map Dust. Plenty of great gameplay and beautifully textured buildings.
-Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis
-New custom made objects and textures
-4-16 players (medium)

Aim Aquarium 2
An aimmap situated underwater, for skillful players who can handle some extra pressure under the sea.
Fight, die and sleep with the fishes!
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-From 1v1 up to 8 Players ideal
-High performance/fps
-24 spawn points & plenty weapons
-Beautiful enviroment and effects

Oilrig Map
Author -oFc-ACHILLES

The Aimmap - 1.0.1
It is an old, deserted island full of debris and ruins from a bygone time. Unfortunately, war has arrived here too. So fight your friends and enemies in this forgotten place.
-Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis
-2-8 Players
-Beautiful landscape and design
-Ruins, waterfalls, river and vegetation


Desolation Miura 1.5
An improved remake of the original Crysis Wars Desolation map. Experience the old style fun of desolation gameplay, now including new features, lots of vehicles (including a behicle factory) and epic fights!
-Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis
-Good for 8-16 Players.
-Jungle style map.
-Complex road system, tunnels, bridges.
-Includes Vehicle factory.
-Cry file included.

R.A.C Tactical - 1.3
This is a attempt at creating a more realistic urban/industrial combat environment for most infantry classes.
-Playable in Crysis and Crysis Wars
-Good for 8-24 players
-Infantry trainging environment

Island--APC - 2.0
A beautiful and nicely detailed map for Power Struggle Crysis Wars
-Small beautiful island Power Struggle map
-Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis

Lost Desert - 3.0
Lost Desert is a large map where the US team has to destroy any of the bombs that belong to NK team with the Tac Gun. There are only 2 bombs, so NK team has to defend both. If US team destroy either bomb US team wins.
-Playable only in Crysis Wars not in Crysis
-You can call a helicopter to bring you a container with two cars with Sentry Gun on it.
-You can call F-35 for Air Support.
-Car with equipments, so you can re-supply you team anywhere.
-Good for 24-32 Players.
-Recommended to disable Taccgun Player damage.

Coast CTF
This is a modification of the IA map "Coast". The main objective is: destroy the enemy HQ. You can achieve this by capturing the flag (here, the flag is a custom built prototype facility, which generates it's own energy). Eventually, one team will be able to buy a tacgun and they have to destroy the enemy HQ (which can go horribly wrong :P)
It actually is a PS game, but it has only one capturable objective,
-Converted original IA Coast map
-Capture-the-Flag (CTF)
-Easy installation
Size: 125.53MB
Downloads: 78
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