StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #8
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


Veteran Ghost
He was a Ghost that was gifted by the protoss to have a prototype suit that supports him with shield.He was promoted by Raynor Raiders to be having better equipment.

Risk RTS is a real time version of the classic Risk board game. It features region-based territory control, real time troop deployment, continent bonuses, a functioning book system, and a basic AI system.

Hand of Humanity: Mission2
This campaign will be a story of organisation called Hand of Humanity and its leader Max Järvinen. They begin a fight against Minestar mega corporation that controls almost 90% of world resources and their endles greed has driven regular people into desperate situation.

Belly of the Beast TPS 3p Coop
Singleplayer campaign mission BELLY OF THE BEAST with 3 players coop, TPS, RPG and RTS modes.

4 Kingdom Defense of the Ancients
8 players from 4 factions battle for dominance on a newly terraformed planet!
This is a 4 faction DOTA that's capable of 4v4, 1v1v1v1, 2v2v2v2, and other player modes. Third person mode (with WASD) and Default game view modes supported (lock/unlock camera). Optional questing areas for each faction that award a lot of experience and money early in the game (and eventually unlock world bosses). 8 balanced heroes with RPG style gameplay. 6-7 abilities/passives per hero, with 12 talent upgrades and 28 item types. Each level you get to choose 3 stat points (intelligence, agility, strength) which give your hero a significant damage/survivability increase. Heroes at level 10-12 will always do 8x more damage than a level 1. All heroes have a group buff/aura, a heal (or a good reason to not need one) and some form of crowd control like a disarm, stun, pushback, summon decoy, snare, blind, slow.

An urban map based on Korhal that is satisfyingly rich in detail and action. During the Brood War, Korhal IV was occupied by the UED as its administrative capitol. In this scenario, you play as the UED side instead of the Zerg in Brood War's "Liberation of Korhal" (Zerg Campaign). Notice that the mission is easy because it is designed to be the first scenario for a full UED campaign.

Minigames/Tower-Base Defence

Mengsk - Final Battle
Boss Battle Raynor vs. Mengsk for the sc2mapster boss battle contest.

Mama They Gonna Eat My Base
Cooperative Base Defence with drop of humor (for 1-2 players). The goal is to defend Command Center 20 minutes.
The plot: You work at Moon as the chief of research base. You study artifacts of Zel-Naga. One day your mother send you letter from Earth and invite you to dinner. You want to use hyper-jump, but have to warm up old command center's engine at least 20 minutes. And unfortunatelly zergs appear at Moon.

Planetary Boss (WoW Edition) - Zaragor the Compactor
Features and Abilities
-3 Boss themes/music based on what the current phase is
-4 Extremely powerful boss abilities
-4 Player Abilities
-3 Phases based on current health
-3 Difficulty settings (Gamespeed = Difficulty Level, Normal, Fast and Fastest should be used)
-Use your Templar to summon a Tank, DPS, or Healer depending on the sitaution...then bash your enemies in with your blade!
-Destroy the reactors scattered throughout the junkyard to deal a massive 15,000 damage to Zaragor, but be warned.. these reactors are guarded by Elite Demons.

Arena Masters
A fun hero arena that straightens your mouse skills and reactions. The whole game is controlled with the mouse only. Your favorite Arena Masters settings can be chosen at the game start.

Special Forces: Elite Extreme Makeover 2.0
This is a map based off of the original by Mikelat. In this version everything has been fined tuned to be extreme, evetything from spawns to 5 new units. This is a very complicated and complex map of suprises. WHen you think it's over you'll be suprised with a new twist of chaos.

Golems Advanced
Based off and inspired by 'Golems Revelation' from Starcraft 1.


Special Forces: Elite
Based upon special forces, with a few additions and surprises. Features 15 units each with a new unique ability and tons of zerg swarms. Designed to be played with friends.

Vulture's Nest
This map is a 4 player melee with several altered/added units and upgrades. It takes place on a Xel'Naga ship in high orbit over Char.

Wonder Yhield
A Show off map,Inspired by Alis in Wonderland(The Catoon :P)

Eight player spellcasting arena battle. Master your spells and outsmart your opponents with them. Nine different game modes. Four arenas. Empty player slots or players who leave will be replaced by an AI with four difficulty settings that can be changed on the move.


Unit Tester
A map where you can easily create and test out units. Get to know exactly what composition works great against what!

This project is series of standard 1v1 Blizzard maps adapted to include a sophisticated build order testing system. You are given 10 minutes to execute the chosen build while keeping up worker production and creating the largest army possible. The AI will execute a given build order or execute a random one. At the end of the 10 minutes, you are given a score which tells how well you executed the build. Also included is a "Freestyle" mode, which monitors your play and displays the build order that you performed.


1v1 map with numerous tactical options. There is the high yield expansion that gives dominance over the main battlefield; the secondary battlefield accessed through rocks that allows flanking entry to the enemy's main; and most notably there is a path directly between your main and the enemy's across a narrow bridge covered in destructible rocks. Close proximity of bases also allows for deadly air harass tactics, and island expansions allow for safe fortresses from the enemy.

Crimson Ridge
2v2 melee map that encourages broad map control via dominating the 3 key sections of the ridge.
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