StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Map Pack #9
This package is a collection of twenty maps for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.


The Prisoner Transport
The first map of my custom campaign "Sons of Tarsonis. You have to intercept an prisoner transport by taking different vehicles with your Space marines.

Rebirth of the Protoss Map 1 - Fall on Haven
This is the first map of campaign - THE REBIRTH OF THE PROTOSS
The campaign takes place in a time will Raynor and his friends tries to build up a
fleet against the Zerg. Exactly at that time you pass planet Haven your fleet was attacked and destroyed
by a Protoss armada.
To start it, doubleklick on the map (load map in editor) and than klick "test/start map".
All Difficulties can be set at mapstart.

Rebirth of the Protoss Map 2 - Fall again
This is the 2nd map of THE REBIRTH OF THE PROTOSS campaign.
The campaign takes place in a time will Raynor and his friends tries to build up a
fleet against the Zerg. Exactly at that time you pass planet Haven your fleet was attacked and destroyed
by a Protoss armada.

Minigames/Base/Tower Defence/Roleplaying

Arathi Basin Domination
With 8 heroes, supporting up to 12 players, Arathi Basin Domination is a remake of the battleground from WOW.
-Third person mode and default game camera modes supported
-Gather credits for your team by taking over control points (farm, blacksmith, stabs, Lumber Mill, Gold Mine)
-The first team to reach 1600 credits wins!
-Heroes can hide inside any type of building (or cave!)
-Add bots by adding AI players!

Mech City
Far into the future the earth is covered in layers of structures built upon the ruins of past cities. Upon these installations you will be engaged in a war for Data. Your team must collect 10 Data units in order to achieve victory.

Battle for Winterhold
This is a battle in which you are playing the role of a mercenary assisting the Dominion in quelling a Rebellion on an icy moon. This is the map I created for the Blizzard map contest, and probably put one to two hundred hours into making.
This map is a single-player third-person shooter. There are four classes that are available to choose from, each with their own weapon and three abilities.

Astro Wars
Brand New Type of Tower wars as Arrive to SC2.
You are a Criminal Sent to a Asteroid Mining Filed Where you Must Compete Against Your planets Enemies for Income and Survival!! Will you be the one to return home in Glory or will you fall on the battle field and be remembered as a Failure?? you decide your destiny In this brand New Type of Tower D arriving to Sc2!!! Use Special Units and towers to Prevail. Convert the Enemy Sabotage the Enemy Tower , Shield your Allis or fly them in!! You control there destiny!! Any thing is possible in Astro Wars. Defend your Base with a team As you Collect the Crystal from the flying asteroids to defeat your enemy.
11 Unique Tower Types,10 Unique Units, (3 classes , Bio , Mech ,Psionic )

Special Forces Elite Inferno 2.0
Start out with a Marine, Goliath and Viking and defend your base from the variety of enemies that converge on it. Use teamwork to defeat traps and large enemies. Use upgrades and special ablilities to defeat the mob of enemies that are there to kill you.

Hard Counter v5.4
Unit Tester and Micro Trainer - Training Game included. Find the perfect counter for any opponent force and learn how to micro!
Build two armys (manual or random) and let them fight. Watch cost efficiency.


Game of Life
This map is a remake of Conway's Game of Life, a popular cellular automaton.
The map consists of a grid of cells, which can have either an 'on' or 'off' state. The rules are simple:
-An on/live cell will die when it has less than 2 or more than 3 neighbours.
-An off/dead cell will come to life if it has exactly 3 live neighbours.
Many complex and interesting patterns can arise. Multiple players can modify the same grid. Live cells will have the color of the player who creates them.

Counter Zone
"Strategy Arena".
Imagine DotA with armies instead of heroes. You farm minerals and vespene instead of creeps. This means instant action team battle - a few click macro and lots of micro game. It is fast and epic. You dont build any structures. You can build unique boss units.
All three races and computer players of all levels available. So you can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or single player or coop against attack waves.

Bounty Hunters 5.54
Wandering in different locations, as a Bounty Hunter you'll have to survive to the others. You have one unit, no auto-attack and some special abilities.
Use your abilities subtly to trap, hunt and kill your enemies! A skillful and challenging map, which hilarious while playing with friends on microphone!

Bounty Hunters - Battlefield Edition
A really simplified Bounty Hunters edition, offering a faster and new gaming experience. Can be played with a large amount of people.
- Maximum players is now 14 (instead of 6)
- All new maps (2 maps at the moment)
- Auto-selected map depending on number of players
- 2 modes: FFA and TDM
- +50 HP and +25 Energy items can be picked up on the ground
- New Bounty system: The more you kill and chain kill, the more your Bounty increase. The more you die, the more your Bounty decrease.
- New Score system: In FFA, victory is depending on your score. You score each time you kill someone. Earned score is depending on Bounty on the killed unit. It means killing good players gives you more score than killing beginners.
- Map is over after 10 minutes. In FFA, player with more score wins. In TDM, team with most kills wins.

Duelist Fight
A fast paced Card Game blended in to with real time strategy. Play up to 3v3, each player picks a deck, using cards to summon units & cast spells. Co-operate with your allies and destroy your opponent's base.


Space Haven
Rip your opponents to shreds in this space platform map. Easily defendable natural expansions. Destroying piles of scrap gives you more access routes. A smiley for the one with air supremacy.

Mining Operations
Dimensions: 152x112
Playable: 136x112
You have to cross the city to reach the enemy's base.
Enemy's expansions are near your main base.

Ash to Ash Uberlisk (3v3, FFA)
On a blood stained, half broken, sign, big red words give a clear message to those who dare enter... "BEWARE OF ÜBERLISK!!!"

Ramparts is like the lesser-noticed baby brother of Lost Temple. It's design is simple and interesting: the main base has one ground choke, but it's big with an internal high-ground of ramparts, so daring dropship play is encouraged. Also like Lost Temple, the Starcraft version has significant asymmetries. I decided to take this little mapling and give it a makeover, like Blizzard did for the Starcraft 2 version of Lost Temple.

A 5 Player map designed for FFA play.

Brood War 1.5 - Legacy map for StarCraft 1
Reverting a few units to their stats in Starcraft 1
restored a few BW units from the campaign
few sc2 units were replaced
mostly affects terran and zerg. protoss relatively unchanged... for now.
Size: 30.42MB
Downloads: 796
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