ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead Map Pack
This package is a collection of twenty maps for ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Included Maps:


Feed, and Regard Him Not
You are one of six officers who have been chosen to receive medals for your service in Takistan. A convoy stands ready to escort you to the UN base where the award ceremony is due to take place. An easy journey is anticipated, since Army Intelligence are convinced we are now in full control of the central region of Takistan. To impress this success upon the international media, the convoy will travel with an escort of only light vehicles and a couple of relatively lightly-armed air assets.

John - A Rambo Medley
This Addon adds a new Campaign to ArmA2: Combined Operations. Along with that, it adds all the needed objects, items, weapons and sounds. This is an "All-in-one"-Addon.
The campaign focuses on stealth. To complete the missions successfully, you should stay covertly, although you could try the hard way...
Besides that, this campaign features many new things never before been used in a campaing or even ArmA2.

Operation Peacekeeper
Campaign based off of the 2010 UN agenda for operations in Afghanistan.

Takistan Chronicles Chapter I
Re-interpretation of the Takistan campaign with more focus on infantry.

War on Drugs
It's been exactly one year since the allied invasion of Takistan, and it seems that things aren't going so well. The drug funded Takistani Republican Militia is as strong as ever, and they seem to be unstoppable. The ISAF has assigned a new operation to Delta Force, codename: Operation Buzzkill. The goal of the operation: Hit the Takis where it hurts, and take down the organization one barrel of heroine at a time.

Single Player missions

The Hurt Locker
What we expect within Zag is a heavy civilian presence, be it cars or on foot there will be a large amount there. However mixed in are militia, and from UAV shots, its looking like they'll be in every little place they can find, rooftops, sidewalks, in the market in buildings, expect it all. One thing to be wary of is ied's and vbied's, look for signs of objects out of place, and any car speeding in your direction, hq gives the green light to fire on these personnel if they are deemed a significant threat. Good luck out there guys and keep sharp.

Operation Black Thunder
INSCOM just got confirmation that a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter delivering supplies to the locals, was shot down by an RPG. Satellites confirm that there are 2 pilots that are alive down there.
Your team is being tasked as the first wave to go in and secure the pilots. Once you have secured their location proceed to the extraction point where a helicopter will exfiltrate your team and the pilots.
You're going in and getting out hot so be prepared. Civilians are out there as well, so make sure to check your targets.
Operation Black Thunder is a go, good luck gentlemen we're counting you.

Flashpoint: Takistan
You are a lone soldier lost in a warzone...
The scenario is completely different every time you play, and can be configured however you like.
Random location, time, weather
Random enemy and Random friendly forces.
Infantry, vehicles and aircraft spawn randomly as the player moves around, or other units are killed.
The mission plays completely differently every time.
This is an instant action mission, your objective is survival, the player is in a dynamic and ongoing warzone that is constantly changing.

1st Assault, Border Crossers
Assault the village of Shahbaz, and the surrounding area, killing all government loyalists. You will be armed with standard Czech Republic weaponry, and have the aid of the United States Forces.

Call to glory
Your team is being send out to locate and clear out the militia controlled villages within the ao.
In total there are eleven villages you need to sweep, but only 4 villages are under control of the militia (to make it more fun).
You will have to approach all villages carefully, because you do not know if it will be a friendly village or not.
The militia troops are well trained so don't be careless approaching a militia village.
They have no problem giving you a head shot from half a click away.
They will be patrolling in the village, occupying the houses and standing on the look out on roofs.
When you enter a friendly village you will get the green light to go to the next village (village turns to green) very quickly.
To get the green light in a militia controlled village you will have to eliminate all militia men within the village.

Seize zones Zargabad
There is no scenario in this mission.
It is a purpose though it enjoys the combat generated at random.
Plan tactically if you hope for victory in this mission.
Please know some principles to win.

Afghan War Diary: step one
This mission is based on a real report from Afghanistan in 2006. US forces successfully engaged and killed fourteen enemy men using small arms and mortar fire. The contents can be found online here. It is part of a larger conversion of the Afghan War Diary into ArmaII.

Black Gold
NATO Command learned earlier today that Takistani Army forces have taken hostages and are holding them at one of Takistan's most northern oil fields. A special operations force comprising of Czech and German operators has been assembled, and an operation to free and extract the hostages is about to get underway.

Hard Day
Hard Day is a short, action-oriented single player mission in which the player and their Delta force team must assassinate an enemy officer then fall back to friendly lines. It is not designed to be terribly realistic, but rather to provide a challenging, action-packed combat experience. While it is intended to be played in a very aggressive manner, other, slower, styles of play are supported, though you will still have to see a fair bit of combat. I hope you have fun.

Operation Sandstorm
You are to lead a German KSK team behind enemy lines to investigate possible war crimes and eliminate a Takistani Colonel.

Co-op missions

The CIA s special activities division have confirmed the location of an AL Qaeda regional command office in downtown Zargabad.
A raid against the target has been sanctioned, the primary objective of which is to recover any intel from the site which could provide further information on AL Qaedas network in the region.

Cipher: Valleys of the Takiban Co-10
Conversion of Cipher user mission to the Takistan-Map of Arma2:CO (Arma2 + Operation Arrowhead)

Virtual TrainingSpace 3.5 - OA Co-105
VTS allow the Game master to create multiplayer cooperative missions in real time (players connected). with a

lot of short cuts to make it quickly
You don't need to know anything in scripting or mission editing
it's really easy to use and intuitive, you can spawn everything on the map just in 2 clicks
You can play in MP or SP (very good to test new islands, vehicles or to use Arma in Role play with friends)

Just a Patrol Co-04
Patrol through the outskirts of Zavarak. Make sure you visit the marked positions ALPHA, BRAVO and CHARLIE.
You also should try to locate and destroy a cache used by the insurgents, but this is a optional task !

Operation Falcon Co-06
The US Army 1st Infantry Division and the German Army 13th Mechanized Infantry Division will be launching an offensive against the enemy held positions to the north. You and your Delta Team have been tasked with many important objectives.
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