Age of Empires 3 Map Pack #7
How to Install Maps:

Unzip the file, then place the *.age3yscn file into the My Documents/ My Games/ Age of Empires 3/ scenario folder

Included Maps:

The Pirate Cave
After many years on the Pacific stealing gold from the natives americans a pirate lord came. He was the most feared pirate that ever stole from the Spanish. At last they have them pinned. Kill him at last.

The McWilly Fort
This is the story about the McWillies who lost their beloved fort because of the British.
The scenario is all about how the McWillies took it back.

The Ottoman's Surprise
In this Scenario you have to use your covered wagon to set up a base and enter and destroy the city, There are Great Bombards that you can use and the fixed guns make for an interesting way to destroy the city.
Let me make it known that the only way to actually play is to play on Moderate or Hard Difficulty. if you try any other you will see why.

The Ottoman Attack
The knights of Saint Johns are fighting at there fort. Help them hold the fort and WIN! Make sure to have fun.

The Revolutionary War - The Carribean
This game is an insight into the revolutionary war. You play as the U.S (blue), allied by the Black Family Estate (red), and are fighting for control of the Caribbean area. You will be opposed by the British, along with their Iroquois allies. However, beware of the pirates that lurk in the area, waiting to sink your ships. And don't be surprised if your enemies find a way to get to you without using ships.

The Pentagon
A long time passed. Then Englang found a box with some paper inside. They read the story. And so they deside war against Spain. But they did a trick. They Kidnaped the Warminister of Spain and returned him to there big castle in England. There they hold him!

The Mohawk
In New England the Iroquois were happy. Living together in peace. Then the Spanish came and attacked. Fighting and separation came. The Mohawk leader is corrupt. Take control of the Mohawk and free the Iroquois.

The Prelude
In this map you will start at a small native settlement to the east of Fort Edward (Imperial Legion) and you will soon learn that Colonel Sellus Gravius(Webber) who is in charge there, wants to talk to you...
At the beggining of the map your units have no weapons do not panic you will find your gear later in the game.

The Netherlands map (1.0)
This is a map of the Netherlands, You re playing the netherlands en
must defeat the Germans, British and some Pirates.
Pretty simple.

The Tapir Witch Chronicles: Immortal Cows
This is a 2V2/FFA Supremacy Single Player for 4 players. This scenario offers many interesting new strategies with unique game play abilities. This scenario is for TAD+TWC (so you need to have them both).

Roanoke: The Lost Colony
Roanoke's people are running out of supplies so John their leaders goes to Britain to get some more supplies.
Peope of Roanoke disappear mysteriously without a trace. Atleast to John they do.
Includes 13 playable scenarios plus custom music.

Random Map

Central Lake (2.0)
This is a new style map for the AOE3 demo, really designed for 2 players only, designed to be similar to a mediterranean style map from the earlier ES games.

City Assault
Command a brigade of soldiers as you siege Macerr City. It is defended by a mile long Palisade Wall, with Towers lining a ridge, accompanied by Heavy Cannons. There are 3 roads into the city, guarded by infantry and cavalry. Inside the city, there are various types of units guarding strategic locations. Use your soldiers wisely, or you will end up dead.

New World Island
You get a small army 2TC Wagons and 2 heros who are aboard your ship (you get a small navy too). You have sailed to the new world and find your self building an Island clonally. But wait there are only a few animals and little mines on your first Island. If that wasnt enough someone else has settle here and the sea is full of pirates who are allied with an other group of people. Natives think you are invaders like the pirates and to ally with them you will have to beat their armies first. They say strange people came to their lands and built buildings the call Mosques and had great bombards.

The Christmass War
A Yukon rms style: And some Christmass graphics...Thanks to ensemble... It has a very large forest in the middle... It has four small valleys and containing each a native tribe...

The Bayou Land
A very large lake in the middle.
It has two trade routes running, one to the north and one to the south.
plus 4 natives tribes...the Seminoles...
and many Deers and Sheeps to hunt...
and a few Silver mines...
and also a lot of resources.

Extravangza Units
A normal amazonia 1v1 map but with added special units
-george crushington
-lazer bear
-flying purple tapir
-reindeer (non controllable)

Rainforest (2.0)
This huge map provides the players with an abundance of resources and treasures, but the dense forest also makes moving around difficult, especially for bigger armies. There is no trade route, but up to six hidden Tupi or Carib villages. Players and natives are placed randomly, so scouting is essential here!

The Autumn War'
It is a very simple large map with a New England rms style. It has 1 large forest in the center with some small group of Trees all around the map. It has also 1 small island in the Bay, also in that bay some fishes and whales.

The East Coast
It is a very simple large map with a New England rms style. A very large piece of land near a sea, with some Fishes and whales Also 3 medium Hills with 1 native tribes on top of each of them.
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