Left 4 Dead Map Pack #12

How to Install Maps:

Installation paths may differ based on your system configuration.

Place the .bsp and .nav file in your Left 4 Dead maps folder.
This is normally - C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps\

Play the custom map or campaign.
Open console ~ and type "map map_name".

Included Maps:

Empire State of Panic
The survivors have arrived at one of the last evacuations centers in NYC only to find their ride out wrecked. They radio for help, but can they hold out long enough for the military to arrive with backup?

Bloody Rocks
Away in the mountains encountered by Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis.

The Diner [updated]
A Diner Downtown
Surrounded By Buildings An Small Street
You're Best Chance To Survive.
To Stay Were You Can Find Food And Water
There is No Restroom So Piss in Bottles Please
Look At The Horizon You Can See The Ketchup_Factory.
Were The Infection Started.

Middle of Nowhere
An abandoned Forest Ranger's cabin in the middle of a vast forest provides ample supplies... and a whole load of zombies.

Woods End
The woods in my subdivision. It doesnt really look like this, but this is the way I pictured it. Fight hordes of zombies in my fear. I was afraid of this house. I thought there were monsters in it. Have fun playing in my fear!

Mc Donald's
This is Mcdonald's. "Defend" from inside the restaurant, or die.


Silent Fear
The witch has hidden 5 glyphs throughout the town... Find them to unlock the secret she protects...
You might want to play this with friends to beat the finale...

HEM_Special Edition
More tanks, more witchs, more infecteds, more action. The Special Edition to celebrate the new dlc l4d and l4d2 and campaign HEM most downloaded. The is the Hem_NoMercy, but more difficult and fun. So prepare your heart and think fast.

The Maze
This is the Maze of ЯeTech. Can you survive the deadly traps? Or you wanna die? Watch out for the signs! and i hope you can survive.

Our little Achievement Map. You can practice killing the witch, the tank, meleeing the hunter and some other stuff. If u want to spawn a Hunter, Tank or Witch just go into his/her room and push the button!

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